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Appendix 1: Selected Allied Monitoring Stations (MS) and Designators (USA=United States Army, USN=United States Navy)

Site Designator, “MS”
Vint Hill Farms, VA (USA) 1
Two Rock Ranch, Pentaluma, CA (USA) 2
Miami, FL (USA) 3
Asmara, Ethiopia (USA) 4
Territory of Hawaii (USA) 5
Amchitka, AK (USA) 6
Wireless Experimental Center, New Delhi, India (USA element) 8, also 94
Bellmore, NY (USA) 9
Santa Rosa, CA (USA) 10
Radio Corporation of America 12
Fort Sam Houston, TX (USA) 17
United Kingdom sources 92 (Includes Beaumanor)
Commonwealth sources (Canada — Examination Unit, National Research Council) 94; also, “E”
Cable Censor (United States Navy) 59
Federal Communications Commission 81
Cheltenham, MD (USN) 56 also “M”
Bainbridge Island, WA (USN) 54; also, “S”
Chatham, MA (USN) "C”
Jupiter, FL (USN) 55; also, “J”
Washington, D.C. (USN) "N” ("NEGAT")
Winter Harbor, ME (USN) "W”

USN stations also carry their own designator. The “MS” system was unique to the Signals Intelligence Service and was a way to designate all of the so-called “sources of traffic” that included U.S. civilian agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission, commercial sources (Radio Corporation of America), and British and Commonwealth sites. — See NARA, RG 457, HCC, “Sources and Types of Traffic,” 9 November 1943, Box 936, NR 2694.