The Holocaust Historiography Project


The procedures involved in the study and forensic analysis which resulted in the report were as follows:

  1. A general background study of the available material.
  2. An on-site inspection and forensic examination of the facilities in question which included the taking of physical data (measurements and construction information) and a considered removal of physical sample material (brick and mortar) which was returned to the United States for chemical analysis.
  3. A consideration of recorded and visual (on-site) logistic data.
  4. A compilation of the acquired data.
  5. An analysis of the acquired information and comparison of this information with known and proven design, procedural and logistic information and requirements for the design, fabrication and operation of actual gas chambers and crematories.
  6. A consideration of the chemical analysis of the materials acquired on site.
  7. Conclusions based on the acquired evidence.