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There can be no doubt that psychotherapy is the boom industry of our age. In 1955 psychiatric clinics treated a modest 233,000 people. By 1977 the figure had risen to 3.9 million. Another 3 million attend private therapists.

Yet objective tests have shown that much of this “therapy” is totally unnecessary. Dr. Jerome Frank of the Johns-Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore suggests that the therapy industry may be self-perpetuating and self-serving:

“The greater the number of treatment facilities and the more widely they are known, the larger the number of persons seeking their services. Psychotherapy is the only form of treatment which, to some extent, appears to create the illness it treats.”

Dr. Hans J. Eysenck of the University of London’s Institute of Psychiatry compared the success rates of patients who had received therapy and those who had received none. There was little or no difference. This was in 1952. He followed up with a 1965 study which so outraged the psychiatric establishment that he was forced to conclude that it was “as if we were attempting a statistical test of the efficiency of prayer". More recent surveys, cited in Martin Gross’s blasphemous Psychological Society, underline Eysenck’s early findings. Comparisons between patients receiving therapy, and patients receiving placebos or even just staying on waiting lists, showed no difference whatsoever.

Many of the modern therapy gurus started off as orthodox Freudians. Some, like Eric Fromm, started off as Orthodox Jews. Fromm was born in Frankfurt in 1901, descending from a long line of rabbis, and was raised in a strictly orthodox home. After graduating from Heidelberg University University at the age of 26, he apparently severed his ties to dogmatic Judaism and became an agnostic. He studied at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute and in 1929 returned to Frankfurt, where he lectured at the local university in Social Psychology. He also became a member of the famed “Frankfurt School” (Frankfurt Institute for Social Research) of far-left Jewish thinkers, which also included Max Horkheimer, Frederick Pollock, Leo Lowenthal, Herbert Marcuse, Franz Neumann and Theodor Adorn. Here, each of them pontificated on the reasons for the rise of Nazism, and Fromm would pirate most of his “explanations” published as Escape from Freedom (1942) from his colleague Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933). Other ideas he lifted from Karl Marx, that other great German Jewish rabbinical descendant.

Fromm “explained” that “the psychological foundations of Nazism” were due to:

“an ambiguous relationship to authority, characteristic of the German lower middle-class. The petty bourgeois at once craved authority and rebelled against it.”

Fromm blatantly ignored the fact that National Socialism was a movement of the proletariat, not of the ruling class or bourgeoisie. Even the name of the party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In a straight case of projection, Fromm was actually attributing Jewish bourgeois behavior patterns to the Nazis. As we shall see later on, Jews are caught up in a continual psychological conflict: craving paternal/rabbinical authority while at the same time rebelling against it. The rebelling is often redirected into other areas, of course.

With the advent of a National Socialist government in Germany, the Frankfurt Institute packed up and moved en bloc, first to Geneva and then to New York. In the United States, the Frankfurters ungratefully complained about “the authoritarianism which lurked beneath America’s democratic facade". Here they all went their separate ways. Fromm revised many of Freud’s theories and charged that Freud had omitted a multitude of social and economic factors in developing his psychoanalytic positions. Fromm taught at various U.S. universities before returning to Europe in 1969. In 1973 he again published a book of straight projection: The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (Holt, Reinhart; NY) which alleged that Hitler and Himmler suffered from “necrophilous” personalities. As we have seen in the case of Karl Marx, and as we shall see later in the findings of the brilliant psychohistorian Dr. Howard Stein, on the contrary it is Jews who suffer from death-fixations. Fromm himself died a few years later in 1980 in Switzerland.

Fromm’s colleague Wilhelm Reich (who was only half Jewish) found the U.S. to be much more to his liking. He wrote that America was the only country in the world where one could “stand up for the pursuit of happiness and the rights of the living". He moved more and more to the right, and condemned Soviet Imperialism, liberal complacency, and trade with the communists. After a couple of years operating a private psychoanalytic practice in Forest Hills, a Jewish suburb of New York, Reich had accumulated enough money to buy an estate near Rangeley, Maine. Here he developed some strange individualistic ideas of his own.

Although Reich had actually trained with Freud in Vienna, and had worked at the prestigious Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute, he was now moving toward a more esoteric analytic position. He developed the theory of “Orgone” which was a unique energy in the human body — actually the primordial sexual energy out of which all life springs. More Orgone could be found in nature, such as in hurricanes, gravity, and the aurora borealis. Only nuclear energy was separate — in fact the history of the universe was a titanic struggle between Orgone and nuclear energy.

The study of Orgone, known as Orgonomy, bridged the gap between science and religion. Reich began to have delusions of grandeur, and compared himself to Jesus Christ and Socrates. He started to become paranoid about having his theories hijacked and spoiled by others. (Indeed, he did receive some questionable support from the homosexual and drug-proponents Allen Ginsburg and William Burroughs). In the hope of heading off the pornographic exploitation of his discoveries, Reich revamped his terminology. In a remarkably revealing pronouncement, the word “sex; abused and smutted into a horrible nightmare, into a rubbing of cold penises within stale vaginas” was abandoned by Reich altogether, and for “sexual intercourse” he substituted “the genital embrace".

Reich eventually developed a therapeutic tool, an “Orgone Accumulator” which was a six-sided phone booth, where the patient would sit in order to absorb concentrated Orgone radiation. He also developed a “cloud-buster” which would cause rain to fall (Truly, the age of the Rainmaker is not confined to the 1930s Deep South.) Eventually, the Federal government noticed some of these strange goings-on, and the Food and Drug Administration raided his estate. In an incredible series of events, Reich’s books were burned, his equipment seized, and he himself was thrown in jail. On 3 November 1957, Reich died “of a heart attack” at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania penitentiary, having served 8 months of a 2-year sentence for transporting Orgone boxes across state lines.

While we cannot but be outraged at the Federal government’s authoritarian treatment of such a man, we are left with the disturbing perception that all cannot have been well with a man who regarded sex as a “horrible nightmare” and a “rubbing of cold penises within stale vaginas.”

An equally odd career was led by Fromm’s and Reich’s Frankfurt colleague Herbert Marcuse. He collaborated on the Frankfurt Institute’s study of Authority and Family, which was started in Frankfurt, but published in Paris in 1936 after Hitler’s takeover in Germany. This was yet another Jewish Marxist “explanation” of the rise of Nazism, due — of course — to German family life. The study would also act as a springboard for Marcuse & Adorn’s 1950 diatribe on the “psychological underpinnings of … the American variants of Fascist anti-Semitism and ethnocentrism", The Authoritarian Personality. However, the most authoritarian, ethnocentric and punitive families of all — Jewish families — do not figure in these condemnations, for some odd reason.

After fleeing to the United States, Marcuse miraculously landed a job with the newly-formed Office of Strategic Services (OSS) the wartime forerunner of the CIA. His Marxist political outlook was no bar to such a sensitive intelligence job. In fact, it was almost a qualification, for as we read in OSS by R. Harris Smith (U. of California Press, 1972) the service was staffed by radical foreign-born Jews from top to bottom. Many of these Jews would later go on to become lawyers and interpreters at the Nuremberg kangaroo trials in occupied Germany.

After the war, Marcuse took up various lecturing positions at U.S. universities. He engaged in debates in the columns of Dissent, the leftist Jewish magazine, with Eric Fromm who by this time had become something of a Freudian revisionist. Marcuse eventually patched together all his criticisms of the “neo-Freudians” into a book entitled Eros and Civilization. Marcuse argued that:

"the revisionists continued to espouse the idealistic values which rationalized the exploitation and alienation characteristic of capitalism. This was reprehensible; first of all because it was utterly arbitrary from a theoretical point of view — another example of the theoretical shabbiness of revisionism. Moreover, the specific content of revisionist ethics was the old roster of Protestant-capitalist vines: productivity, achievement, responsibility, respect for one’s fellow men, inner strength and integrity. 'Fromm revives all the time honored values of idealistic ethics as if nobody had ever demonstrated their conformist and repressive features.' “Paul A. Robinson: The Freudian Left, 1969.

The term “Protestant-capitalist” or “Protestant work ethic” has long been a code for “WASP” among intellectual Jews. Ever since the days of Max Weber, who argued that Protestantism was the “cause” of Capitalism, Jews have been trying to muddy the waters by making out that Usury and Productivity are the same thing: Capitalism. In actual fact, they are opposites; productivity is hampered by usury. Usury is a parasite on the back of productivity. The Weber thesis was long ago exploded by the German thinker Werner Sombart, who argued in Die Jude und das Wirtschaftsleben (Leipzig, 1911) that it was actually the Jews who were responsible for the pyramid growth of usury-capitalism.

Robinson goes on in his description of Marcuse’s Eros book:

"(Marx) was clearly the unacknowledged hero of Eros and Civilization. That Marcuse never mentioned Marx’s name in the book was an extraordinary feat of legerdemain. It is my contention that the underlying tactic of Eros and Civilization was to bring Freudian theory into line with the categories of Marxism."

Marcuse’s main argument appears to be that Capitalist society suppresses sexuality and thereby perpetuates and creates neuroses. Sexual liberation — including the re-sexualization of the body instead of just the genital area — would go hand in hand with economic liberation. While Marcuse was a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, he took full advantage of his position to agitate the students in favor of the sexual and political revolution which he sought .

The death of Wilhelm Reich and Eric Fromm, and the passing of Marxism from the realm of campus fads, has meant that an entirely new generation of therapy gurus has sprung up since the old-gang of the Frankfurt School. The trend seems to be away from the intellectual, economic, reductionist philosophies and toward the hedonistic, me-centered attitudes of the 1970s and '80s. Although the approach may differ, the game remains the same. Just as in the old days of the '50s and '60s the new messiahs — or new psychology yentas — who have followed in Freud’s and the Frankfurters' footsteps, are busy telling us that we suffer from their problems, and need to pay them a handsome retainer so that they can tell us all about it.

One of the most dramatic of the new therapies is Primal. With all the panache of a Hollywood hype merchant, the developer of Primal Therapy, Dr. Arthur Janov, readily boasts that he is flooded with applications from around the World for his $6000 courses in learning to cry like a baby. Janov claims — just like the early Freud did — that patients suffer from unhappy reminiscences of infanthood. Only by returning to the infant state and reliving these times can the patient be cured. So profitable is Primal Therapy that a whole gaggle of imitators has sprung up around the country, only to be slapped with copyright infringement suits by Janov. He regularly publishes warning notices in popular trade magazines such as Psychology Today.

Primal Therapy caters to, and is run by, those who feel dominated, castrated, unloved and controlled, by their mothers. The emphasis is on the Pain of infanthood, not the joy. All in all, there could be no better encapsulation of the Jewish trauma than this almost totally Jewish cult.

There have been many imitators of Janov. The most prominent is undoubtedly Dr. Daniel Casriel, who offers “scream therapy” at a much cheaper price tag. He too holds that childhood revolves around Pain, and insists that all patients' statements should be prefaced by the delightful homily “Fuck you!".

One of the more populist neo-Freudians was Dr. Eric Berne, who took Freudianism off the couch and into the parlor with his pulp paperbacks Games People Play and What Do You Do After You Say Hello? His protege Tom Harris continues today in the same vein with his Transactional Analysis workshops based on his cheery book I'm OK! You're OK! Therapy involves Dale Carnegie style pep-talks and T-A parlor games such as one entitled “Schlemiel".

One of the more widely known therapies is Gestalt, a German word meaning configuration. Gestalt was dreamt up by the late Fritz Perls and his wife Laura. Perls dismissed orthodox psychoanalysis as “mind-fucking” and instead practiced feeling instead of thinking. It was Perls who coined the 1960s slogan “Do your own thing". Therapy involves group counseling sessions to encourage the patient’s awareness and to discourage blocking of feelings. Patients and therapists are encouraged to touch each other. Awareness of feelings and display of them is the key to healing. Perls despised the intellectualism of Freudianism, which he would refer to as “elephant shit". But Perls himself was originally a traditional Freudian analyst in Germany, where he worked with Wilhelm Reich. After spending the war years in South Africa, he came to the United States in the 1950s, where his “Me” centered therapy arrived just in time to exploit the increasingly hedonistic, anti-intellectual groundswell that would sweep the country from west to east.

There have been many spin-offs from Gestalt, which are known generically as the “human potential movement” or “humanistic psychology". There is Carl Rogers, who transferred Perls' group counseling sessions into the “one-on-one situation". There is Mike Murphy, a layman who inherited a large estate at Big Sur, and figured that weekend encounter group-gropes would pay the bills each month; hence Esalen. Then there are lesser prophets in the therapy temple: Paul Bindrim of Nude Encounter, Bill Schulz the Messiah of Joy, and the guru of Humanistic Psychology Abraham Maslow.

All of these philosophies offer self-actualization for the individual; salvation from lifelong unhappiness and futility, and escape from loneliness in ready-made, off-the-peg, family-style encounter groups. Much of the marketing technique is disturbingly similar to hot-gospel flim-flam artists of the Bible Belt, Orange County and Sunday Evening television.

Even the United States government falls for this quackery. Many federal departments have programs whereby personnel may attend Sensitivity Training sessions. Sensitivity Training (or “T Groups") was invented by the late Kurt Lewis, yet another refugee from Nazi Austria. The kindred Encounter Groups were the brainchild of J. L. Moreno — also a Jewish refugee from Austria.

If one had to choose a top-of-the-line winner in quackery stakes, it would be impossible to decide between est and Scientology. Est was founded in 1971 in San Francisco by Werner Hans Erhard. He adopted this pseudonym in mid-flight between St. Louis and San Francisco after leafing through a copy of Newsweek and reading an article about German rocket scientists working at Cape Kennedy. His true name is Jack Rosenberg. Originally est stood for Erhard Seminars Training, but with a change of marketing strategy, the expanded title was dropped altogether, and it is now claimed that est is taken from the Latin for “it is".

Est training ostensibly operates without theory, but it actually combines all the most exploitative gimmicks of both traditional and humanistic therapies. The “training” (sic) takes place in large hotel suites or convention centers over two weekends. During the sessions, attendees are refused permission to go to the bathroom, or to eat, or to take notes. Attendees are treated like performing seals. During the first sessions they are ridiculed and often called “ass-holes". Later sessions involve sharing, or telling others about oneself and one’s problems — a catharsis typical of almost all therapies. Then, processes, or play-acting exercises to simulate anger, fear, like, et cetera, are organized — a technique lifted from Gestalt and Scientology. After several days of insult, discomfort, and boredom, the trainees are finally expected to “get it". “It” is no more than the acceptance of one’s self as an all-capable and all-loving individual without hangups or blockages — a state that sounds awfully similar to Dale Carnegie’s 1960s self-confidence seminars.

Est “graduates” are prevailed upon to bring their friends and family to the final (evening) session, which coincidentally is also a sales session for the new people. Curious about the trainee’s account of what took place, these new folk are battered with a 2 hour sales pitch that would put a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman to shame. A salesman promises that a “process” will be organized so they see what it’s all about, but for some reason this never takes place. During an interval toward the end of the 2 hours, the neophytes are lobbied by always-smiling estians (mostly volunteers) to sign up for the $350 course. An array of credit card machines walls them in.

Meanwhile, the “graduates” are invited to sign up for more est courses, including a “Hunger Project” that never funnels any money to the starving; “hunger can be defeated by raising consciousness” they are told. Graduates who decline further involvement are regularly harassed on the telephone by more est salespeople — always in the early evening or Saturday morning, when resistance is low.

Meanwhile, “Werner Erhard” (the “Hans” has disappeared along with the Rosenberg) lives a life of luxury in Marin County, raking in the shekels from his pyramiding operations, where every single printed piece of paper is “copyright Werner Erhard” in discreet type. Over 100,000 Americans have “graduated” from this used-car salesman’s est courses. One of his staunchest advocates is est graduate and folk singer John Denver.

The Church of Scientology is perhaps the most anti-Establishment of all the therapy faiths. Established as a “church” primarily to gain taxation advantages, the Scientologists find themselves in continual battles with federal and state governments. Several Scientologists have been convicted of burglaries into state offices, and harassment of state officials. Scientologists are prominent in the tax-rebel movement. But the purpose of all of this rebellion is not libertarian, individualistic freedom. The purpose of Scientology seems to be the enriching of the corporate coffers through milking the faithful of every spare dime.

The cult was dreamed up by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Today, Hubbard heads a world-wide religion with outposts in almost every English-speaking country in the World, and a headquarters church in the rolling South Downs of Sussex, England, at East Grinstead. Hubbard himself is a recluse, until recently living on board a yacht that is perpetually at sea.

Predicated on his early book Dianetics (copyright L. Ron Hubbard, of course) Scientology courses involve counseling or “auditing” sessions where the trainee answers an auditor’s questions while holding onto an “E-meter” or lie detector machine. The auditor points out the flaws in the trainee’s personality, and helpfully suggests Scientological courses that might remedy this. Since many of these courses cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the trainees are encouraged to go into debt through bank loans and so on, in order that they might Save themselves in these courses. Needless to say, the whole process is a perpetual-motion machine where the trainees can complete enough units so that they too can become an auditor, and perhaps eventually even a “guardian” who polices the church for heretical tendencies.

So, what do we make out of the Therapy Industry? Is it no more than a boondoggle; a cute way of making money without working too hard? Is it a Californian version of the Deep South’s (sorry — Sun Belt's) Marjoes? Are all these laid-back, hip, tanned, relaxed, cosmopolitan Californians falling for the same line as backwoods folk who flock to the snake-oil salesman? Or is there more to it than that?

We cannot help but notice that most of the Therapeutic rainmakers are Jews. (Hubbard is the only possible exception.) And a large portion are Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe. Can it be that these people have a score to settle with Gentile society? Could it just possibly be that these Jews are “getting off” on “getting back” at the Goy? Was Portnoy’s Complaint really such a caricature, or was it number one on the best-seller lists precisely because it so vividly brought together all those characteristics which we have all just sneakingly suspected might be inter-related?

Further, we cannot help but take note of the salacious nature of much therapy dialog. Toiletry and sexual terms are hurled about, not in a matter-of-fact or clinical sense, but in a abusive way. The (Jewish) therapists take great delight in having their often sensitive clients embarrass and humiliate themselves by bandying around words which would rarely be heard at home. Terms like “cock", “fuck", “cunt” etc. are not used in a loving, appreciative sense as they might be whispered in a lover’s ear during a passionate bedroom tryst. They are used as terms of abuse, as they are in the environment of the barrack-room or the dockside, or the factory floor. And the scatological terms “ass-hole", “shit", “crap” etc. are not included in dialog in a healthy, Anglo-Saxon way where bodily functions would be regarded in an ecological, organic sense.

It might be argued that such sexual and scatological banter has a more serious side. It is not just the therapist making sure that everyone in the group Is helped to free themselves of verbal inhibitions and restraints. It is not even just that the therapist needs to let off a bit of steam. It is the way the therapist chooses to let off that steam. In abusing the clients with sexual and scatological terms, the therapist is telling more about him or herself than he or she is about the client. The therapist is saying that he or she feels suppressed and blocked in these areas; otherwise what would make penises, vaginas and stools into reference points any more than fingers, toes or ear-lobes?

Readers who are not privileged to live in locales where the Therapy Industry is well established (chiefly Southern California and New York City) may be somewhat baffled at the continued success of all this quackery. So let us pause for a moment to consider the reasons for the general public continuing to support it.

We can easily understand why it is that Jews flock to Jewish therapists. The therapist articulates for them all the pent-up rage and frustration that being Jewish is all about. The “processes” and the acting-out sessions fit snugly into the mold of Jewish ritual down through the ages. The emphasis on guilt, suffering and torment are part and parcel of Jewish religious and cultural life. The Judaic religion is not one of love and kindness, but one of duty, sin, retribution and cruelty. Even innocent animals are made to suffer. Cattle and sheep are strung up by their hind legs and bled to death ("shechita"). Chickens are twirled around the rabbi’s head in an annual sin-purging ceremony ("kapporen schluggen"). Goats are brought into the synagogue and all the sins of the congregation magically transferred into them (hence “scape goats"). Jews are fond of telling us that one can judge a nation’s standard of civilization by how they treat their Jews. While there is much — ironic — truth in this aphorism, an even more universal measure might be that one can judge a nation’s civilization by how they treat their animals…

The Jewish faith is probably the most highly-regulated religion in the World. Rabbis pore over their Talmud and Torahs and nit-pick with each other over whether such-and-such a passage should take precedence over some other passage. Rules and Talmudic instructions are quoted to regulate even the tiniest aspects of Jewish life. Most of the rituals are more akin to Borneo than to Europe. New-born infants have part of their penis chopped in a ceremony that includes masturbation and fellatio in front of a beaming audience. Women are prohibited from entering the synagogue. They are shunned during their periods. Men strap leather thongs around their arms and prayer-boxes on their foreheads. More prayers are placed in little holders on the household doorpost, as good-luck charms. Food must be segregated into kosher and non-kosher; meat and dairy. Even clothes must be regulated according to their fiber content. All in all, the Jewish faith is so steeped in superstition and backward rigmarole that it is not surprising that many Jews find they have a need to express some of their frustration at all of this over-regulation and disharmony with rationality. So they turn to a “Big Brother” figure in the form of a Jewish therapist. There they can be sure of some ethnic empathy and understanding for their predicament. After all, the therapist has suffered those same torments himself.

But what is it that makes Gentiles flock to Jewish therapists? European thought is supposed to be the most rational, the most objective, the most scientific (as compared to the subjective, anti-Hellenic sensism of other races). Is this phenomenon unique only to those Gentiles who happen to reside in the Land of Fruits and Nuts? Or can we trace a similar pattern of gullibility in other areas?

We can note that throughout history, sound, healthy Gentile ideas have often been hijacked and corrupted by the Jews. At the beginning of western history, the healthy, organic nature-worship of our pagan ancestors was hijacked and turned into the poisonous, bizarre cult known as Christianity. The pagan festival of life and fertility (Aestar) was turned completely around and became a celebration of death and necrophilia (the crucifixion of Jesus). The celebration of mid-winter prosperity and vigor (Yuletide) was turned into a neurotic carnival of misogynistic sex-phobia (the Christmas “Virgin Birth").

In the Middle Ages, European libertarian free enterprise was latched onto by Jewish money-lenders and bankers, and became the cruel pyramid-sales scam known as Capitalism.

In the last century indigenous progressive Socialist ideas were stolen and poisoned by the Jewish neurotic Karl Marx, and made into the terror of Bolshevistic Communism.

These “Three Cs” — Christianity, Capitalism and Communism — represent worldwide movements where otherwise rational, intelligent Gentiles have fallen, hook, line and sinker, for Jewish hype. Therapy is merely another example, though it remains to be seen whether or not it will last as long as these other scams. It may well be that therapy is destined to succeed Christianity — from which therapy has lifted much of its structure — now that Christianity has outlived its usefulness in acting as a battering-ram for Capitalism, Imperialism and Liberalism.

Psychoanalysis in particular is so much like Confession that it is uncanny. The Priest-Analyst listens intently to the confessor’s “sins"; recommends penance; and issues absolution. We note that Roman Catholics, who practice Confession much more than the other Christian cults, are very much under-represented on the analysis couch. They already have access to the same service at church.

Critical writers such as Martin L. Gross have pointed out how many therapy cults — especially the more esoteric kind — have all the hallmarks of religions, with missionary work, evangelism, a hierarchy of priests, church guardians, articles of faith, and of course heretics. (One therapy cult — Scientology — actually calls itself a church.) The level of discussion in many of the cults' sessions is similar to that of Christians pontificating about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

In summary, then, we must conclude that the reason for Gentiles falling for Jewish therapy is the same as the reason why Gentiles fall for Jewish Christianity, Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Communism. And the detailed discussion of that gullibility must be left until another book.