The Holocaust Historiography Project


by Prof. Austin J. App, Ph.D.

Bonifice Press, December 15, 1973

Blackmailing the German People for Hard Marks With Fabricated Corpses

In as much as the Talmudists claim to be “God's Chosen People,” and press this claim with the world's worst smear — terrorism, anyone undertakes with fear and trembling the exposure of what one Christianized Jew, Benjamin H. Freedman, headlines, “Brainwashed U.S. Christians Duped by Unholiest Hoax in all History!” ("Fact for Fact,” April, 1959). He was alluding to the fervently propagandized myth that the Nazis “gassed six million Jews.”

Because all defamatory propaganda ultimately does a lot of harm, usually in the long run to both the defamed and the defamers, a search for the truth is mandatory. It was Christ, long ago crucified by the brood of vindictive Talmudists who first warned them against their eye-for-on-eye-ism!

Chancellor Brandt in Israel Pelted with Egg and Pamphlets!

Suggesting the harm the six-million swindle can do, we relate a few incidents during German Chancellor Willi Brandt's June visit to Israel. Brandt (born illegitimately Frahm, his mother having reputedly been raped by a Jew) passionately hated the law-and-order, anti-smut Nazis. During the whole war he spied for Soviet Russia and so hated the Christian German people that in several Norwegian books he incited partisan activities against it and even urged German soldiers to “frag” their officers!

Yet, how was this frenzied anti-Nazi treated on his good-will tour to Israel, which had its hands stretched for a new round of marks to supplement the twenty plus billion dollars already blackmailed out of the West German people? The International Tribune (June 11, 1973) headlined the visit: “Brandt Is Target Of Protesters In Jerusalem Visit":

“Boys burned a facsimile of a Nazi swastika flag outside City Hall … About 150 demonstrators, restrained by barricades in front of City Hall, shouted, 'Go home' and 'We shall not forgive,' in reference to the Nazi killing of six million Jews as Brandt arrived for a reception given by Mayor Teddy Kollek.”

Placards proclaimed, “You slaughtered 6,000,000 of our Brothers and Sisters. Go home!” Two other boys burned a piece of cardboard with a black swastika painted in the center. To quote the International Tribune again:

“As Mr. Brandt arrived at City Hall, a young girl behind the barricades threw an egg at him. A security man tried to catch it, but it splattered in his hand, the yoke spewing over the back of an Israeli official. Mr. Brandt did not react and security men whisked him inside. The girl fled… Another youth threw a handful of leaflets at the chancellor. The leaflets bore reference to the Nazi era.”

Half Million Survivors of Concentration Camps in Israel

Over and over, ad nauseam we hear Communists, Talmudists, and brainwashed liberals declare pontifically that the Nazis had orders to execute all Jews. Yet the same article in the International Tribune, which is published by the Jewish New York Times and the Washington Post, goes on to remark, “About 500,000 of Israel's 2.6 million Jews had been in a Nazi concentration camp.” But if half a million Jews now in Israel survived Nazi concentration camps, then the Nazis evidently had no orders to “gas” them! Obviously, then, Hitler and the Third Reich had no plan or desire to exterminate all Jews. They had plenty of time to have executed these 500,000!

Therefore, as my first, incontrovertible point, the charge that Hitler and the Third Reich wanted to exterminate all Jews is a totally fabricated, brazen lie! Because the Jews, quite probably in Theodore N. Kaufman's Germany Must Perish (by sterilization) and Henry J. Morgenthau's Germany Is Our Problem (extermination by starvation), were barbarous enough to have plotted the extermination of a hundred million Germans, their guilt complex forced them to imagine that the Germans, too, could have been equally barbarous so as to want to exterminate Europe's six million Jews! But of course the Germans (and the Nazis) were Christian gentlemen compared to the Morgenthauist savages. {NOTE: Kaufman (Germany Must Perish, Argyle Press, Newark, N.J. 1941) genocided as follows: “To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize 48,000,000… which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 and females over 45. Morgenthau, our Secretary of Treasurer (Germany Is Our Problem, Harper and Bros., N.Y. 1945), outlined the shrinking of Germany, the total destruction of the Ruhr; herding the population into the shrunken Germany, deprive it of all machinery and export, to depend on agriculture without machines — and starve to death. He boasted that in Directive JCS 1076. Allied post-war policy adopted it. Senator Henrich Shipstead, in the U.S. Senate, May 15, 1964, called it “America's eternal monument of shame, the Morgenthau plan for the destruction of the German-speaking people.” In Kaufman and Morgenthau the Jews have “the honor” of producing and applauding the world's top genocidists in theory; Stalin and Ilya Ehrenburg remain the top genocidists in practice. American Christians partly thwarted Morgenthau and Kaufman!}

The Six Million Swindle is a Blackmail for Indemnities

The Talmudists have from the beginning used the six million swindle to blackmail West Germany into “atoning” with the twenty billion dollars of indemnities to Israel. They put enough pressure on Washington not to sign the American-German treaty for German autonomy until Adenauer agreed to such indemnities to a bastard state that had not even existed during the era of the Third Reich.

But not only has Israel blackmailed West Germany into subsidizing it, Israel and World Jewry have also blackmailed it with the figure of six million into paying pensions and indemnities to every Jew who survived Nazi-occupied Europe and millions who after the war sneaked into West Germany from behind the Iron Curtain and then claimed to have suffered under the Nazis. {NOTE: U.S. News, March 15, 1965 reports: “WHERE GERMANS HELPED … West German 'personal restitution' to Israel individuals who suffered from the Nazis still goes on, coming to 139 million dollars in 1964,” i.e., in only one year. U.S. News asks, “How can you tell a survivor of Auschwitz, for example, that he shouldn't spend the pension money the German Government has started giving him?"} Claiming such indemnities has probably produced the greatest heyday in history for Jews to commit perjury for one another, and for fraud and lying and cheating on a horrendous scale. Two examples: Dr. Phillip Auerbach, concentration camp survivor, got himself appointed Bavarian Commissioner of Reparations. In 1952 he was finally caught and sentenced to two and a half years in prison for huge frauds and swindles in his behalf and that of his co-racialists. He thereupon shot himself. Prof. Hans Deutsch got eight-five million Marks from Bonn for various clients. He then asked for thirty-five million Marks for the Hungarian Huvatny Art Collection which he claimed the Nazis had stolen. This luckily could be proven a lie, and he got eighteen months in prison. In reality, of course, he should have been hanged. The frauds in connection with pressuring indemnities out of Bonn cry to heaven for exposure and rectification!

Examples of Personal Indemnities

One can assume that everyone of the 500,000 Jews in Israel who claim to have been in German concentration camps is bleeding Germany for indemnities. Here are some examples: U.S. News, looking “… at some individual cases” (Aug. 10, 1964),lists a “Jewish businessman who now lives in the U.S. … (who) has received a total of $32,534 in damages and gets monthly compensation of $219.94 besides.”

“The widow of a Jewish doctor, who was forced to emigrate in 1939 and died in South Africa five years later, has received $25,020 and is entitled to $7,080 in additional restitution payments.”

Now there are two likely falsehoods in this last item. In 1939 her husband was hardly forced to leave, the German government let him leave — with his property. The Third Reich let Jews emigrate exactly as World Jewry now wants Soviet Russia to let them emigrate, but for which Soviet Russia requires some $30,000 for each emigrant! Nor is the widow entitled to anything from Germany, but the Jews have so blackmailed it with the six million swindle that it pays and pays and pays!

U.S. News reports further: “A rabbi, forced to flee from Berlin and now living in Brazil, gets a pension of $500.00 a month.” How was he forced to flee? He more probably, like the Kissinger family, wanted to — and Nazi Germany let him — without requiring an emigration tax of some $30,000!

Another instance:

“A Jew who passed a civil-service examination in pre-war Germany but was barred from the job because he was Jewish emigrated to Israel. West Germany sends him $187.00 a month, the pension he would have earned in following a civil-service career in Germany.”

What an impudent blackmail! What would happen in the U.S. if every Jew and every Negro and every Gypsy who took and passed a civil service examination but was not hired — because a lot of others passed the examination, too — would forever have to be pensioned by the American taxpayers!

Why Bolsheviks Support the Six Million Swindle

Aside from the fact that most of the most vindictive Communists are also Jews (like Ilya Ehrenburg, the Soviet Propaganda Minister who exhorted the Soviet troops to rape all German women and kill any men who tried to protect them), the general run of Communists, Soviet-Russians and others, eagerly help Israel and World Jewry to propagate the six million swindle.

They have a mighty good motive. It is to cover up as long as possible the grim fact that more Jews came to grief in territory controlled by Stalin than in Nazi-occupied lands. This horrid truth Talmudic leaders well know. But they also know that from the Bolsheviks, whether in Moscow or in Warsaw, or even in East Berlin, they cannot blackmail reparations for either real or fabricated Jewish corpses. Therefore they maintain a conspiracy of silence about Jews persecuted and killed in Red-dominated lands, so as to blackmail the West Germans and in fact, all Christians more effectively.

Statistics on Jews Who Disappeared in Red-controlled Areas

In “Stalin's Macabre 'Relocation Plan"' (Human Events, Oct. 6 1970, John Boland cites how the Bolsheviks murdered 4,143 Polish prisoners of war at Katyn and packed another ten thousand in barges and sank them in the White Sea. He then reports:

“Now there is evidence that thousands of Soviet Jews were similarly 'eliminated' on orders from Stalin. The exact number cannot be ascertained, because the victims were allegedly loaded in boxcars and rolled over a cliff into Russia's huge Siberian freshwater lake — Lake Baikal …the forcible deportation of all Soviet Jews to the 'Jewish Soviet Republic' of Birobidjan ended for many of them in being pushed over the cliff into the lake.”

In this way, writes Boland, “the Jews could be liquidated without the trouble of building crematoria as Hitler did in Germany to solve his 'Jewish problem.'” (Incidentally, it is a defamatory cliche that Hitler built crematoria to dispose of murdered Jews; he built them to dispose of corpses in general, including especially those resulting from Allied air raids!)

Confirming Human Events, Rabbi Benjamin Schultz, chairman of the Jewish League (so Die Welt of Hamburg of September 25, 1954, reported), declared before our Congress that during the Second World War, 3,390,000 Jews on Soviet territory disappeared without a trace. He maintained that this massacre has been purposely kept secret so as not to embarrass the Soviet Union.

German historian Erich Kern, after research on Rabbi Schultz's startling statement, concludes that, even if this figure is a bit too high:

“However, in any case, it is certain that about twice as many Jews were done to death in territory controlled by Soviet Russia than in that controlled by the Germans.”

See: Deutsche Wochenzeitung, January 13, 1967

What can be more to the advantage of the Bolsheviks than to have got rid of a few million troublesome Jews and to waltz the blame off on the Germans! And what could be more to the advantage of Israel and World Jewry than to blame the Germans, who could be blackmailed into astronomical reparations, for the Jews who disappeared in Russia, from which absolutely no indemnities could be blackmailed! However, this mass Soviet extermination, which world Jewry finds it inexpedient to recognize, may help explain the world-wide viciousness with which Jews belabor the Soviet Union for not permitting free Jewish emigration, something the Bolsheviks don't permit for anybody else either, not even for the forlorn Germans left in the Oder-Neisse territories or for East Germans who want to transfer to West Germany!

Thousands of Jews Killed by Native Populations Before Germans Arrived

When the Germans advanced into Bolshevik territory, most Jews retreated towards Moscow in the wake of the Soviet armed forces. But it is also tragically true, but not willingly publicized, that many thousands of Jews who did not migrate east in time were massacred, not by the Wehrmacht, but by angry native populations before the Germans arrived. The Jews in general had so identified themselves with Red oppression from 1917 on, that the native population often revenged themselves at the first opportunity. What helped inflame the native fury is that the retreating Soviets committed wholesale massacres upon persons who opposed Soviet rule, whom they had arrested when the Germans invaded but had no chance to transport to Siberia because the German advance was too fast.

Herman Raschhofer, in Political Assassination (Tuebingen, 231 pages, obtainable from Boniface Press, 8207 Flower Ave., Tacoma Park, Md. 20012), writes of:

“Incontrovertible proof that many murders committed against the inhabitants of Lwow (Lemberg) had already taken place before Lwow was occupied by the Germans … responsibility for these earlier atrocities lies with the Soviet authorities”

pp. 26-7

Lwow is typical of what occurred in other cities. In Lwow alone 3,000 corpses executed by the retreating Soviets were counted (Op.cit., p. 34).

When the native populations subsequently saw these murders; they had, writes Roschhofer, “the firm belief… that their Jewish neighbors had been partly responsible for the arrests of many nationalists, as Jews had cooperated with the Soviet authorities and, in particular, with the NKVD” (p.50). The thousands of corpses of “political prisoners only, for the criminals had been released,” generated anonymous “mass violence against the Jews… indeed a pogrom.” Thousands were killed in Lwow alone, and similar violence against Jews occurred in many places as soon as the Soviets had retreated and before the Wehrmacht arrived. The latter actually tended to protect the harassed Jews.

This is a fact that is never brought out, for no indemnities can be squeezed out of the peoples behind the Iron Curtain. Hence the Communists and the Jews keep blaming the Germans for hundreds of thousands of deaths in territories controlled by the Soviet Russians, just as even at the Nuremberg Trials the Red prosecutors accused the Germans of murdering 15,000 Polish P.O.W., over four thousand of whose corpses were found at Katyn! One can say categorically, accusations by Reds anywhere have no validity!

Polish Persecution of Jews

By whomsoever Jews came to grief, the Third Reich has been blamed and West Germany has been made to pay enormous reparations. One of the nastiest slanderers, second only to World Jewry, is Red Poland. It also by magic coincidence found that the Nazis killed six million innocent Poles! When pressed, it lists as Poles three million Jews allegedly killed, and it includes as massacred all Poles who fell in combat. The Poles whine as if only their soldiers had had a right to shoot, not the Germans! There, too, speaks a guilty conscience, for the Poles have perennially persecuted the Jews, and during and even after World War II they killed many of them.

Jakob Presser, for example, in The Destruction of Dutch Jews (Dutton & Co., 1969, p.544), although a Talmudic Germanophobe, writes of the Poles:

“And how could anyone forget that, even after the Liberation, Jews were still being murdered in Poland, where a daylight pogrom was organized, not by professional criminals, but by young mothers, by students of Polish literature, by devout Catholics who prayed to God before the massacre? And not only did they murder the Jews but they indulged in an orgy of torture, in a veritable witch's sabbath in July 1946, barely a year after the end of the war.”

Naturally, the Poles want to add these Jews to the swindle of the Six Million, and the Jews join in, because from the Poles they cannot get blackmail indemnities, but from the harassed, smear-terrorized Germans they can! Prof. Harry Elmer Barnes, in explaining how paradoxical it was for the Allies to fight for Poland on the basis of the Jewish issue, wrote:

“There were in Poland, in 1933, six times as many Jews as in Germany, and they were treated as badly as were the German Jews under Hitler.”

Blasting the Blackout, p. 35

Furthermore, writes Barnes, by 1939 “Hitler's anti-Jewish program” had moderated, whereas the Polish anti-Jewish treatment had not improved to any notable extent. Jews told Barnes repeatedly, he asserts, that “I should not overlook the far more extensive plight of the Jews in Poland.” No wonder the Red Polish stooges want to waltz their Jewish casualties off on the Germans!

The Swindle of the Six Million Make Liars Out of Some Respected Writers

Many respected writers stoop to lying in order not to arouse the smear-terrorism of the six million fabricators. John Gunther, for example, wrote:

“And never let it be forgotten that of the 3,500,000 Polish Jews who lived in that country before the war, not less than three solid millions were murdered by the Germans. The total number of Jews surviving in Poland is only between 70,000 and 80,000. (Philadelphia Inquirer, February 10, 1949)

Who pressured Gunther into this monstrous and illogical falsehood? In 1939 there were 12,000,000 native Germans in the Oder-Neisse territories put under Polish administration in 1945. Now there are at most a few hundred thousand. Would it be logical to say the other 11,800,000 were tortured and murdered? Of course, only 80,000 were in Red Poland by 1949; its smarter ones had left that Jew-hating country and swarmed into the haven of Germany — to claim indemnities — and from there to New York and to Israel. When Col. Albert C. Morgan, some months after the war, said that Jews were leaving Poland in organized masses, Walter Lipshitz Winchell screamed that the statement “was an insult to six million tortured dead” (See: Time January 21, 1946). During “a major anti-Jewish pogrom at Kielce on July 4th, 1946,” writes Richard Harwood ("Did Six Million Jews Really Die?” Historical Review Press, London, 1984, p.17), more than 150,000 Polish Jews suddenly fled into Western Germany. Harwood adds:

“Their appearance was somewhat embarrassing, and their emigration to Palestine and the United States was carried out in record time. Subsequently, the number of Polish Jewish survivors underwent considerable revision; in the American-Jewish Year Book 1948-1949 it was placed at 390,000, quite an advance on the original 80,000.”

Nor does Gunther allude to Jews killed by the Poles, nor the very significant fact that some half of the 3,500,000 Jews allegedly in Poland in 1939 were in fact in the eastern Ukrainian Poland, which the Soviet Russians occupied in 1939. One can without far more evidence assert that more Jews died in Poland and Russia while under Red control than while under German control.

Statistics of Jews Spared by the Nazis

What has to be absolutely established before anything else is that the Nazis had no plan and no wish to exterminate all Jews. To say they had is a lie. If they had had such a plan, absolutely no Jew in Nazi-dominated territory would have survived. The Third Reich was too efficient for any Jews to escape had it wished to exterminate all Jews, but the Third Reich only wanted them to emigrate.

When I visited Germany and Austria in 1949 I found them deluged with uncouth-looking Eastern Jews. They were arrogant to all Germans, they all seemed to engage in black-marketeering, and the German police seemed forbidden to touch them. They lied, cheated, and stole from Germans almost at will. In the currency revaluation, Germans had to surrender a hundred marks for ten new ones, but Jews including refugees from the East, got a hundred new marks for a hundred old. This huge indemnity paid to them is not mentioned in the books, but it gave the Jews a ten to one advantage over honest Germans in Central Europe!

Here are some figures of Jews who turned up from German occupied lands after the war. Everyone proves that Hitler had not ordered him exterminated. The New York Times (March 26, 1950) reports that in March of that year 23,000 Jews had left Hungary:

“… that 224,000 Jews had emigrated from the 'people's democracies' and from Yugoslavia, leaving 600,000 whom the Israeli government is still eager to have in Palestine.”

The Times writes of 150,000 still left in Hungary, of 30,000 having emigrated from Czechoslovakia, leaving 15,000 there; of 30,000 having left Rumania, leaving 380,000 there; of 85,000 having left Poland, “leaving 50,000 registered as members of the Jewish community. It is believed that some thousands of others ore unregistered.” The Times writes that “… from Bulgaria 42,000 have emigrated, leaving only 4,000 or 5,000; from Yugoslavia 10,000 have emigrated.”

The Third Reich Had Five Years to “Gas” These Jewish “Refugees, But Didn't

Had Hitler intended to exterminate all Jews he had five years' time to “gas” all 824,000 Balkan Jews, who, according to the New York Times, “…swarmed into the Western zones of Germany, between 1945 and 1947.” And even higher percentages were very much alive in 1945 in France, Belgium, Holland, and Norway. One Rabbi Phillip S. Bernstein, advisor of Jewish affairs to the United States Army commanders in Germany and Austria, wrote:

“… the only realistic solution to the plight of Europe's 250,000 Jewish refugees is resettlement in the United States and Palestine”

Washington Post, October 24, 1947

That may explain why since 1945 New York is a Jewish Sodom and Gomorrah and Washington, D.C., a half Jewish and half Negro employment agency!

Yet, in spite of all these Jewish survivors, one vindictive Germanophobe, David Borac, in The Jewish Press (September 1972, Rosh Hashona Issue), dares to write: “… the German Nazi would not rest so long as one Jew lived anywhere and even as their defeat was starkly apparent they lived for one thing, to kill as many Jews as possible before the end.”

This is the kind of monstrous, barefaced lying of which only Communists and Jews are capable! Vindictive Jews seem intent on proving Christ right when He denounced Jews in language for harsher than Hitler ever applied to them, “You are of your father the devil … for he is a liar, and the father thereof” (St. John, Ch.8, V.44).

First, David Borac lies on a specific point. Far from a policy of killing “as many Jews as possible before the war ended,” Himmler in October 1944 prohibited any further execution of Jews (See: Haertl, Freispruch Fuer Deutschland, Verlag Schuetz, 1965, p.191). This order also indicates that Himmler, not Hitler, was in charge of Jewish policy. Secondly, David Borac, of course, commits an overall lie: if the Nazis had purposed living to kill as many Jews as possible, then not one single one of be 824,000 Balkan and Polish Jews would have been alive by May 1945. Jews who spread such vindictive lies ought to strangle themselves in their own guts — and spare the world their venom!

Hitler's “Endloesung” Meant Emigration, Not Extermination

The Third Reich did no more plan or even think of physically annihilating Jews, other than partisans and subversives, than it thought of making stew out of them. Only a cannibal fears that a conqueror will eat him. So only genocidists, like Morgenthau, Kaufman, and Ilya Ehrenburg, wretches wallowing in the Talmud two thousand years backward of Christianity, reflecting their own plots to exterminate the German race, could hit upon the slander of accusing the Nazis of trying literally to kill them off. What the Nazis wanted is what every civilized country has wanted and five of them put into practice, namely, to get the Jews out of their hair, all of them, to have them emigrate!

That is what the word “Endloesung — Final Solution” meant, and nothing else. Every civilized nation has wanted to get rid of them; and every one, except so for the United States, has at one time or another expelled its Jews. Good old glorified England did it in 1290, France in 1306, 1322, and 1394, both our dear allies in twice destroying Germany. Hungary expelled them in 1349, Austria in 1420, Spain in 1492, Sicily in 1492, Portugal in 1497. Several German and Italian and Balkan provinces did it between 1350 and 1450, Norway and Sweden in 1814. And our dearly beloved lend-lease pal, Russia, in part expelled the present blackmailers of Germany in 1792 and 1904.

What the Nazis tried to do was, therefore, first of all, quite in tune with the historical and civilizing development in Europe. It was neither unique nor especially National Socialistic. Only the U.S., having been until recently a huge colonizing area, has so far not expelled unassimilating Jews. They now control the media and the money — and sex education and pornography! They also furnish for more than their quota of grand-larcenists, like Bernard Cornfeld, who made and broke the IOS, and Stanley Goldblum, President, Equity Funding Corporation, the largest bank fraud in recent history. They also got us into World War II and then converted the peace into barbarism with their Morgenthau Plan. And recently, in the Arab-Israeli War, they pressured the government into rushing armaments to the Israeli, instead of getting them to return to the 1967 boundaries. It thus provoked the wretched energy crisis. In short, they subvert our international standards and our Christian culture.

Why The Third Reich Wished To Get The Jews Out

That is also what the Jews had done in Germany during the Weimar Republic. Most objectionable was their assault on patriotism, on love of the country in which they were virtually guests. Of such Jewish anti-patriotism America got a taste during the Vietnam War! Nation Europa (Bemerkungen zum deutsch-juedischen Verhoeltniss, 8630 Coburg, Germany, February 1964, 8 pages) explained that all the bloody Communist putsches in Weimar Germany were directed by Jews, such as Eugene Levine, Max Levien, Tobia Akselrod, Kurt Eisner, Gustav Landauer, Erich Muehsam, and Ernst Toller. It should have added Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, leaders of the vicious Red Spartacus Party.

When the pamphlet by Nation Europa first appeared I reviewed it with two paragraphs which I here re-confirm:

“But worst of all had been that all through the Weimar Republic a majority of intellectuals and writers had indulged in continual defamation of the German nation. Walter Mehring called the Stahlhelm soldiers of World War I ‘Dreck,’ i.e., Dirt. Kurt Tucholsky called the volunteers of 1914 victims of mass intoxication: ‘Massenbesoffenheit.’ Arnold Zweig called Germans a nation of cattle and murderers: ‘Nation von Stimmvieh, Geschaeftsmachern, Moerder, Abrueckern, Operettenliebhabern und Amtskadavern.’”

It was such destructive nihilism directed by German Jews against the German nation in the Weimar era that brought resentment and sparked the National Socialistic conviction that such vicious, pro-Communistic influences must be eliminated from public life.

In other words, long before there was a Third Reich, the Jews in Germany defamed Germany the way American Jews and liberals defamed America and our armed forces during the Vietnam War! That is why Hitler, a veteran wounded in World War I, in his Mein Kampf demanded that some “12,000 — 15,000 Marxist Jewish” subversives be called to account. He did not in Mein Kampf or anywhere else order any extermination of Jews. Mass extermination was the specialty of Morgenthau, Kaufman, Harry Dexter White, and Bernard Baruch, the genocidists of the Morgenthau Plan. But extermination had no place in German or Nazi ideology or policy! Traitors, spies, partisans, subversives and other criminals, as they should also be in America, were marked for execution. No others. That in the turmoil of war and the nightly obliteration bombings some not guilty came to grief, and that reprisals for partisan sabotage, possible innocent themselves, were executed, quite in accordance with international law until 1949, should be obvious and self-evident.

In War, Concentration Camps For “Potential Enemies” Are Standard Policy

The Nazis wanted, not extermination, but the emigration of Jews and Gypsies from Germany and Christian Europe. These are, historically, the only two earthly tribes whom no country ever wanted or wants, who generally come in by stealth, bribery, or pressure tactics. The Jews are considered Grand Larcenists and subversives, the Gypsies Petty Larcenists — nomadic liars, cheats, and thieves. Neither of these tribes really assimilate with their hosts. In any war they tend to supply spies and subversives against the host country (e.g., even in World War II, which we fought for the benefit of the Jews, we had the Rosenbergs and dozens as bad).

Little Germany, surrounded by enemies with ten times its own population and thirty times its size could not afford in wartime to let such potential enemies run around free. Putting most of them in concentration camps was perfectly legitimate and also completely in harmony with Anglo-American practice. The British introduced such camps in the Boer War, and the Rooseveltians rounded up all West Coast Japanese of American descent, who had not performed one act of sabotage, 125,000 of them, men, women, and children, and hauled them off into ten barren concentration camps, complete with barbed wire and watch towers, just like the German counterparts! For West Germany to have to pay indemnities to the former inmates of those camps is an outrage. The U.S., far from paying the Nisei indemnities, compensated them only up to ten per cent for the property it stole from them in 1942! If we don't refer to the Soviet Russians here, it is because they are too barbarous to belong in the same sentence with Germans, English, and Americans. In their hundred and more concentration camps, the inmates are bestialized and starved and few come out alive. Even their prisoners of war, if not murdered outright as at Katyn, were worked and starved to death. Of the 96,000 Germans, for example, captured at Stalingrad, only 6,000 ever returned, broken in body and spirit. Such acts of genocide and bestiality the Nazis never, absolutely never, committed against prisoners of war, nor against Jews and Gypsies. The Soviet Russians and Communist rulers generally are simply too barbarous, too bestial, to deserve a place among civilized nations! It is they whom America should have helped defeat, not the Germans. Sooner or later this will have to be done! As Churchill, too late realized, “We killed the wrong pig.”

Expelling Native Populations Was More Allied Than Nazi Policy

Just as concentration camps for “potential enemies” were not unique with the Nazis, so the transfer of populations was more a policy of the victors than of the Nazis. The Soviet-Russians, Poles, and Czechs, with Rooseveltion approval, surpassed the Nazi transfer of thousands by fifteen millions, by the most brutal and genocidic expulsion in world history! Compared to that, Nazi pressuring of Jews to emigrate was humane. Their original plan was to settle them and give them a national home in Madagascar. Madagascar, with 227,737 square miles, four times the size of England, twenty times that of Belgium, was far more spacious than Palestine, and with only a thin population of four million would not have precipitated an atrocity like the expulsion of one million Palestinians at home there for 1800 years!

But the Polish government in 1937 considered it could not ship its three million Jews. George Bonnet of France said it could not find ships for its 200,000 Jews. So the sensible plan failed. America and England forced a few million Jews on the Palestinians, who were murdered or expelled, and Israel has in its thirty years fought more wars than allegedly warlike Germany fought in a hundred years!

At any rate the Nazis wanted the Jews to emigrate, not to expire! But nobody wanted them. Even Roosevelt exclaimed, “What would I do with a million Jews!” But was the Nazi desire to push the Jews out a unique or particularly heinous crime, one for which West Germany has had to pay billions of indemnities? Should anyone think so, then I ask: “Is it a greater crime to expel a Jew than to expel a Gentile (an East Prussian, Silesian, Pomeranian, Sudeten)? Is it worse to expel a tribe that is scattered all over, not in a solid settlement, that did not settle the land originally, but more or less sneaked in one at a time after the pioneer hardships were over and cultivated enough so that over-reaching its natives became easy? Clearly, expelling solid populations settled there for 700 years is an incomparably greater atrocity than transferring a collection of scattered, generally rather recent settlers.

Yet the hypocritical peace dictators, who whine about Hitler's wish to settle 600,000 Jews overseas, ruthlessly drove out 15,000,000 East and Balkan Germans, mostly in the winter, totally robbed them of their farms, homes, cattle, furniture, drove them on foot into shrunken and bombed-out Germany. And on the way they starved, raped, clubbed 2,500,000 to a frightful death. That is almost twenty per cent of them, mostly innocent women and children (the men were kept and abused as prisoners of war). This Allied mass expulsion is the most horrendous genocide in world history. And it was directed only at a race, at people of German ethnic nationality!

Genocidic Victors Publicly Order The Expulsions

If Nazis committed an atrocity against Jews, they tried to conceal it, they kept it not only from the world, but from the German people. Not so the Unconditional Surrenderists. They committed their god-awful atrocities against the defeated German people with the air of holy, self-righteous crusaders! In the Nuremberg trial, the victorious monsters went about hanging Germans for having “forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and introduced thousands of German colonists” (Count 3, Section J). Note the word thousands, not fifteen million!

And while these criminal hypocrites were so prosecuting Germans, they openly, unabashedly, on August 2, 1945, in the Potsdam Pact, ordered:

“That the transfer to Germany of German populations or elements thereof remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, will have to be undertaken.”

This genocidic master-stroke involved several million innocent people. Worst of all, the other Balkan countries interpreted the Potsdam decree as sanctioning mass expulsions, and proceeded to expel and partly murder their German minorities, usually solid settlements 100 years old. And the Red Russians, Poles, and Czechs, inspired by the U.S. Morgenthauists, brutally expelled, robbed, and partly murdered the populations from one-fourth of Germany, the Oder-Neisse territories placed under their administration. This expulsion of 12,000,000, including the Sudeten Germans, murdering 2,500,000 of the unfortunates, represents the greatest mass atrocity in history. Compared to this, all real and alleged Nazi war crimes dwindle in size and in gravity. They were committed in time of war against “un-conditional surrender;” the Allied expulsions and brutal murders of 2,500,000, mostly women and children, were committed after victory and armistice! And they were a direct consequence of the Jewish Morgenthau Plan and policy.

During the Allied, Lindemann Plan bombing of population centers, one little candle light in an attic could direct the bombers on their mission of genocide. Regulations against potential enemies had to be severe. When the Anglo-American bombers and Mustang snipers fire-bombed undefended Dresden on February 13, 1945, after victory was already assured, they probably burned to death in one night more innocent women and children and old men than the Third Reich executed Jews. 135,000 corpses were counted, and probably again as many burned to dust. When we add the victims of other area bombings, more German women and children, not counting the men, were bombed and sniped to death than Jews were executed.

A Priori Case Against Six Million Figure

An extremely plausible argument, that the six million figure is a swindle, is given by World Jewry itself for its frantic opposition to all research on the figure. Israel and Jewish organizations smear-terrorize anyone who tries to investigate, so much so that the eminent scholar who wrote The Myth of The Six Million (Noontide Press, Box 76062, Los Angeles, California 90005, 2nd edition, 1973), considered it the better part of wisdom to remain anonymous!

One can assert positively if Jews knew the figure of six million to be even nearly correct they would welcome scholarly research to confirm it to the world. Even the Gentile-controlled Time Magazine fears this smear terrorism too much to try to get the facts. After I had several times begged Time not to keep repeating the fraudulent six million figure, it answered evasively:

“The six million which we quoted, as I mentioned in a previous letter, is one that is usually accepted by all government sources, on the basis of a number of affidavits similar to that of Dr. Wilhelm Hoettle (sic) which I quoted to you in my earlier letter.” (July 27, 1949)

The fact that the only evidence Time and Jewish sources can present for the six million figure is an affidavit by Hoettl and some even less authentic ones should alone suffice to discredit the figure. And we must emphasize, in law and justice it is not the accused who must prove his innocence but the accusers who must prove his guilt. It is the responsibility of the blackmailing Jews to prove the accusation of six million, not of the Germans to disprove it. The most innocent man, accused of infidelity to his wife, would have a hard time proving his innocence! Therefore the law requires the accuser to prove his accusation! This the Jews have not ever earnestly tried to do. They merely keep repeating the six million accusation. If pressed for evidence, they base themselves on what one Hoettl said from hearsay about Eichmann, and what similarly one Rudolf Hoess thought he remembered Eichmann as saying. Testimony as flimsy as theirs would in domestic American courts would not even convict a shop-lifter. Only at the rigged Nuremberg trials was it received and heralded as the incontrovertible truth. And of course by Ben Gurian and Golda Meir and their stooges.

What About The Hoettl, Hoess, and Eichmann Testimony?

The only evidence that Talmudists and their stooges ever pretend to offer for the six million is what Hoettl and Hoess, under threat of their lives, claimed to have heard Eichmann one time say. Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl was a colonel in the security services, not a very high rank, a subordinate of Eichmann's, who himself said, “I was merely a little cog in the machinery.” Hoettl himself claims to have been a British agent sometime during the war. The London paper, Weekend (January 25, 1963) confirms this. It also reveals that when Hoettl gave his affidavit he had been threatened with delivery to the Hungarian Communists. This must be interpreted as a promise of immunity if he gave sufficiently damning testimony against his superior Eichmann, but hanging if he didn't.

According to the British at Flensburg he declared he had one time heard Eichmann say that four million Jews died in concentration camps and another two million elsewhere as reprisals and so on. He was then rushed to the Nuremberg Trials, where he dutifully repeated his hearsay. But oddly enough, though the German attorney for the Defense, one Dr. Kaufmann, repeatedly requested that he be called for cross-examination, the Nuremberg lynchers did not dare expose this key evidence to cross-examination. Again, at the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem the legal lynchers were afraid to expose him to cross-examination. And during the same trial Eichmann insisted that Hoettl had twisted his casual remark and that he had in fact never named figures to Hoettl because he could not know such figures (See: Heinrich Haertl, Freispruch fuer Deutschland, Goettingen, 1965, p.190-1).

Here lies the truth of the matter. Neither Eichmann nor Hoettl could know the figures. And Hoettl got immunity for what was almost certainly a perjured affidavit. Yet on it rests almost the whole myth of the six million. The only other testimony advanced is that of Rudolf Hoess. He was for a while commander at Auschwitz. Again, threatened with the noose if he did not incriminate his superiors, he testified at Nuremberg that two and a half million Jews died there. Even Gerald Reitlinger accuses Hoess of “perverse megalomania” for this figure. To show how unreliable poor frightened Hoess had been, when he later was delivered to the Poles he reduced the two and one-half million to only 1.13 million. The Poles thereupon irately hanged him! Eichmann himself declared:

“Since the war I read that 2,500,000 Jews were physically liquidated under Hoess' command. I find this figure incredible. The capacity of the camp argues against it. Many of the Jews confined there were put to work details and survived. After the war the Auschwitzers sprouted like mushrooms out of the forest floor after a rain. Hundreds of thousands of them are today in the best of health.” (See: Life Magazine, November 28, 1960) And, we might add, collecting indemnities from West Germany! Anyhow, threatened with the noose unless he talked, he claimed to have heard Eichmann one day declare that he went to his grave happily because he had five million Jews on his conscience. This too was accepted as Gospel fact, without cross-examination, by the Nuremberg lynchers and World Jewry.

To show the guess work and the shameful unreliability involved, the Gentile Time Magazine (June 6, 1960) reported Eichmann said, Five Million Jews;” the Jewish Newsweek, however (June 6, 1960), hiked the figure to “six million Jews.” That is how Jewish media throw a million Jews around — when it serves their blackmail! Life Magazine, in its purported auto-biography of Eichmann, by no means certainly authentic, quotes Eichmann as follows:

“In the last days I called my men into my Berlin office. I told them, 'I will gladly jump into my grave in the knowledge that five million enemies of the Reich have already died like animals.' (Enemies of the Reich,' I said, not 'Jews').”

Life, December 5, 1960, p. 150

These Memoirs of Eichmann are one of many frauds on this topic. Richard Harwood (Did Six Million Really Die? p. 18) writes:

“Certainly the most bogus 'memoirs' yet published are those of Adolf Eichmann … they are made as plausibly incriminating as possible without straying too far into the realm of the purest fantasy, and depict Eichmann speaking with enormous relish about 'the physical annihilation of the Jews.' Their fraudulence is also attested to by various factual errors …”

Not Hoettl, Not Hoess, Not Eichmann Could or Did Attest the 6 Million Figure

Essentially, on this off-the-cuff remark of Eichmann's, never properly proved, the whole swindle of the six million rests. Be it noted, first, that Eichmann said five million, not six; secondly, he referred to “Enemies of the Reich,” not Jews; thirdly, he was at the time talking casually, not professionally and authoritatively. Furthermore, he said far more officially, “I would like to stress again, however , that my department never gave a single annihilation order. We were responsible only for deportation … “Eichmann ordered no Jews killed, nor anyone else. He could not have five million lives on his conscience, literally, only rhetorically, the way I, as a G.I., might boast that I helped kill several million German — “Enemies of the U.S.A.” In short Eichmann could not in any way know the number of Jewish casualties, and Hoettl and Hoess did not pretend to know but, under extortion to incriminate Eichmann, attributed conflicting words to him!

How Affidavits were Extorted and Perjury Encouraged

Affidavits, like those to which Time refers, are unreliable, often outright frauds, like the figure of six million itself. With a few heroic exceptions, all affidavits by Jews are in part or whole perjured, often well rewarded, and altogether unreliable. Affidavits from Germans, including from former Nazis, were rather customarily obtained by threatening the witness with hanging if he did not incriminate his superior sufficiently for hanging.

After Simon Wiesenthal, one of the best known prosecutors and persecutors of Germans is Dr. Robert Kempner, who seems to exploit dual American and German citizenship. Though a Jew, he worked for some years in the Third Reich as “Oberregierungsrat” in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior. When the war curtailed Jews in sensitive positions, he emigrated to Pennsylvania. After the war, he turned up as prosecutor of Germans at Nuremberg, a particularly unscrupulous one, who is still at it. His typically nasty Jewish method of extorting incriminating affidavits against the more important Nazi leaders is illustrated in the case of Dr. Friedrich Gaus, many years a minor official in the German foreign office. Dr. Kempner wanted him to testify falsely in order to get his superior Ribbentrop hanged. When Gaus complained that he could not honestly so testify, Kempner replied:

“The Russians are interested in you, Mr Gaus! For your violation of International Agreements! The only way, for you to save your head, is that you tell the truth. Or do you wish as the right hand of Ribbentrop to go to the gallows? You know the old German saying, 'Captured with him, hanged with him!' Who after Ribbentrop were the most guilty in the Foreign Office? Just say it; it serves no purpose, to spare these people.”

Whereupon the terrified Gaus incriminated Ribbentrop as Kempner wished — and thereby secured immunity! He was immediately released from solitary arrest and moved to the witness portion of the Nuremberg court. (See: “U.S. Anklaeger Kempner schwer belasted,” Deutsche Wochenzeitung, Feb. 23, 1973).

Contradictory Evidence of German Witnesses Explained

Readers of our media may often have been perplexed by reports that some German defendants after the war had testified to enormous atrocities, and decades later, when on trial by the Germans themselves, contradicted their former testimony. The explanation is that the U.S. prosecutors, often Jews like Kempner, extorted false incriminating testimony by every kind of psychological torture, even when they did not ordinarily, like their lend-lease pals, the Soviet Russians, resort to bestial physical tortures. We cite as an instance the case of one Judge Hoffmann. In the desperate situation in which Germany found itself, it had to punish severely, often even with death, what to us seem minor thefts and black-marketeering. Hitler in Table Talk, explained this convincingly: “If in peacetime an 18-year-old youth grabs a woman's purse, I am not going to condemn him to death. Now we are in a war, we have blackouts, more women work… severe deterrents are necessary.” (See: H.S. Ziegler, Wer War Hitler? Tuebingen, 1970, p.273-4). Jews naturally were no more privileged than Germans.

One Jew, named Katzenberger (proof incidentally that even in 1942 some Jews enjoyed relative freedom), was found guilty and was convicted by Judge Oswald Rothaug. An associate judge, one Dr. Hoffmann, concurred in the sentence with his signature. In 1946, the Morgenthau lynchers wanted a show case to suggest that the judges of the Third Reich discriminated against Jews. They induced Dr. Hoffmann to testify that the judgment he co-signed had been “legally invalid, inhuman, discriminatory.” Thereupon he was set free, and Dr. Rothaug condemned and presumably hanged.

Decades Later Judge Hoffmann Recanted And Said Why

But lately, Bonn, itself smear-terrorized into continuing the prosecutions of alleged Nazi war crimes, revived the accusation against Dr. Hoffmann. Now he vigorously denied everything he had confessed to the U.S. extortionists in 1945. When asked, how come, he insisted that the Tribunal in 1946 had:

“…forced him either to serve as a crown witness by giving false testimony for the prosecution (against Rothaug) or else, like the victims of the prosecution to be also condemned to death.”

See: Deutsche National Zeitung, Feb. 23, 1973

That is how the U.S. prosecutors, who set out to “re-educate the German people,” taught them how to blackmail lesser Germans into incriminating more important ones so they could hang them and besmirch the Third Reich! And plunge Germans into guilt feelings sufficient to subsidize Israel and World Jewry to the tune of twenty billions of dollars — with no end in sight! Who of us, if confronted with a threatened death sentence would be heroic enough to refuse to incriminate a former superior or colleague?

Because of the Morgenthauistic extortion applied to German witnesses, their testimony must be suspect and may not be accepted without much corroboration. Hoettl's and Hoess' and Eichmann's statements on the question of Jews executed in the Third Reich had no corroboration whatsoever! As for the testimony of Jewish survivors of World War II, one, can say that, with the fewest heroic exceptions, it is peppered with falsehood and perjury! In the whole history of the world there has never been so much concerted perjury and lying as in the persecutions and defamations of Third Reich Germans since World War II.

Eight Incontrovertible Assertions On The Six Million Swindle

One can summarize eight factors that controvert the figure of six million, which the media repeat ad nauseam without any evidence.

First, the Third Reich wanted to get Jews to emigrate, not to liquidate them physically. Had they intended extermination, 500,000 concentration camp survivors would not now be in Israel to collect fancy indemnities from West Germany.

Second, absolutely no Jews were “gassed” in any concentration camps in Germany, and evidence is piling up that none were gassed in Auschwitz. There were crematoria for cremating corpses who had died from whatever cause, including especially so the victims of the genocidic Anglo-American air raids.

Third, the majority of Jews who died in pogroms and those who disappeared and are still unaccounted for, fell afoul in territories controlled by the Soviet Russians, not in territories while under German control.

Fourth, most of the Jews alleged to have met their death at the hands of Germans were subversives, partisans, spies, and criminals, and also often victims of unfortunate but internationally legal reprisals. One reason for my denouncing the Nuremberg prosecutors as lynchers is that they hanged Germans on ex post facto rules of their own!

Fifth, if there were the slightest likelihood that the Nazis had in fact executed six million Jews, World Jewry would scream for subsidies with which to do research on the question, and Israel would throw its archives and files open to historians. They have not done so. On the contrary they have persecuted anyone who tries to investigate impartially and even call him an anti-Semite. This is really devastating evidence that the figure is a swindle.

Sixth, the Jews and the media who exploit this figure have never offered a shred of valid evidence for its truth. At most they misquote Hoettl, Hoess, and Eichmann who spoke only casualty of what they were in no position to know or to speak on reliably. Nor do the Jews themselves credit these witnesses as reliable even when they comment on what they could know, e.g., that the concentration camps were essentially work camps, not death camps!

Seventh, the burden of proof for the six million figure rests on the accusers, not the accused. This is a principle of all civilized law. Proving true quilt is easier than proving true innocence. It is hardly possible for a man accused of cheating on his wife to prove that he did not cheat on her. Therefore the accuser must prove his charge. This responsibility the Talmudists and Bolsheviks have not accepted, and the brow-beaten Germans have rather paid billions than to dare to demand proof!

Eighth, obvious evidence that the figure of six million has no scientific foundation is that Jewish scholars themselves present ridiculous discrepancies in their calculations. And honest ones, whom we recognize by the fact that their co-racialists smear-terrorize them, and even beat them up, invariably lower the six million estimate by at least fifty per cent, to three million casualties from all causes, not those limited to Nazi executions.

Conclusions of A Jewish Scholar Who Was Persecuted Therefore

One the most distinguished honorable Jewish writers is Josef G. Burg (Ginsburg), now in Munich. Born in Czernowitz, Rumania, he survived a Nazi concentration camp, lived a year in Israel, and is now a bookbinder in Munich, where he wrote three books about National Socialism and Jews. They are: Schuld and Schicksal, 1962; Suendenboecke, 1967; and NS-Verbrechen: Prozesse, 1968. He is understandably critical of the Third Reich. Nevertheless he is honorable and heroic enough to try to be honest. His testimony in one port-war trial caused fifteen former SS-Men to be found “Not Guilty.”

In his book, Suendenboecke — Scapegoats, he insists that “Endloesung — Final Solution” envisaged the emigration of Jews, not the “total liquidation of all Jews” (p.74). More importantly, he investigated the six million statistic thoroughly and honestly. He found it “a legend poisoning peaceful relations” (p.238). He comes to the conclusion that, even giving atrocity-mongers maximum rather than minimum figures, the highest “number of Jews that in the control of the Hitler regime were killed, lost their lives, or died could be no more than 3,323,000” (p.237).

Here an honest Jewish research slices almost three million from the six million swindle. And the three million lost include those who died naturally, were killed by Allied air raids, were executed as subversives and partisans, of whom one and a half million were fighting illegally against the Germans (p.238). International law regards partisans as armed assassins, who upon capture are subject to execution!

Burg comments cynically that while Jews whine about six million murdered, and collect a nice indemnity for them, Israel “…has at least one million, perhaps even two million, of these murdered victims very much alive here in the land, collaborating in the Israel re-construction” (p.233).

Josef Burg writes, “Today nobody believes any longer the six million figure. Neither the Jewish accusers, nor the Germans accusers, nor the Germans accused, nor world opinion.” He says even Gideon Hausner, the fanatic Prosecutor of Eichmann in April 1961 in Jerusalem, avoided speaking of six million and confined himself only to “millions,” which allowed plenty of variation (p.220). But Burg also insisted:

“All the statistics so far calculation by Jews and non-Jews will so long remain controversial, until World Jewry and Zionism will be in the position, and above all will be willing, to present to the public exact official statistics of losses.” (p. 238)

Twenty years since the end of the war, he writes, “…offered enough time to institute thorough investigations” (p.220). I insist that they have not done this because they knew research would demolish the six million swindle. Burg says the neglect to investigate is due to the fact that “…from six million dead, one can extract for more reparations than from, let's say 6,000” (p.223).

For his own honest researches and truthfulness, Josef Burg was not honored in Israel. A few years ago, at a dinner with him in Munich, a slight, full-bearded, rabbi-like little man, he related some of the persecutions he has been exposed to by his co-racialists. He was expelled from the Jewish Culture Society of Munich. And once, bringing flowers to his wife's grave, Jewish rowdies physically beat him up. And a Hebrew paper commented, “The thrashing he got, this fellow entirely deserved!”

Other Statistics, By The Convert, Pater Daniel Rufeisen

Another honest Jew, Oswald, later Pater Daniel Rufeisen, also slices the figure of six million in half — for all Jewish casualties of whatever cause. Josef Burg (in Suendenboecke) gives us in details. Rufeisen was an orthodox Galician Jew. Looking like an Aryan he offered his services to the Germans during the occupation. They made him Chief of Police in a town having collection depots for Jews. His secret purpose was to help as many to escape as he could. He helped hundreds before a Jew recognized him as a Jew and denounced him to the SS. They sentenced him to die as a spy. He escaped and found refuge in a Catholic Convent in White Russia. He became a partisan. After the war, having experienced Catholic charity, he became a Catholic Camelite monk, Pater Daniel Rufeisen. As such he went to Israel and claimed Israeli citizenship. But the “democratic” state of Israel declared him no longer a Jew!

The converted Rufeisen exemplified Martin Buber's principle, which is Jewish politicians and publicists would imitate, would go a long way to dissolve what they call anti-Semitism. Buber said that he did not fight even against anti-Semitism: “One must present the truth accurately, and then everything will follow by itself” (See: Norbert Muhlen, The Survivors, 1962, p.161). According to the Neue Juedische Zeitung, June 4, 1963, one U.S. journalist, J. Schmulewitvitch, unhappy about Rufeisen's conversion, in an interview, asked: “How could you accept the Faith of a world that permitted that one third of our people were slaughtered?” Rufeisen noted the Jewish tendency to want to blame all Christianity, not only the Nazis, for what happened to Jews, and he objected.

He replied that in 1939 them were only 16,000,000 Jews in the world, a third would amount to little more than five million. But since there were after the war thirteen million Jews around, a third could only be a little more than four million. After the interview he set out to investigate the matter of the six million. In 1963, he had calculated “the number of Jewish victims of World War II as about 3.1 million” (See: Burg, op.cit., p.237). And this figure, cutting the six million in half, we note is so worded as to cover both casualties in the Third Reich and in the Soviet Union and elsewhere!

A Christian American Jew Also Finds 6 Million Figure “A Big Lie"

In a similar calculation, perhaps the best known American Christianized Jew, Dr. Benjamin H. Freedman, also found the six million a figure so exaggerated as to amount to a deliberate swindle. In a statement of his, dated October, 1966, he exposed the juggling of figures of Jews in the world, in order to try to validate the figure of six million. On February 22, 1948, probably unconscious of the implications, and therefor objective, Hanson Baldwin and the New York Times, after a world-wide census, reported that “there were between 18,000,000 and 19,000,000 Jews in the world.”

The figure “…created a panic among Zionists.” So the American Jewish Committee and the Synagogue Council of America proclaimed, without evidence, that in 1945 there were only “10,000,000 so-called Jews in the world.” Now, they or Baldwin and the New York Times were right, as Freedman believes; if so, it convicts the “6,000,000 murdered” as a “big lie,” and must not be accepted.

Jews Contradicting One Another On The Figure

A certain proof that the figure of six million is, if not a calculated lie and blackmail, an irresponsible, unsubstantiated guess; is that Jews of scholarly pretensions vary enormously in their statistics. They also differ on how and when — and of course totally omit the all-important why — Jews were executed. Most say “gassed,” others say “pickled in lime,” others say “cremated,” still others will have them starved, hanged, or shot.

In February, 1948, one Congressman, George G. Sadowski, of Michigan, dogmatized in an apoplectic frenzy (opposing the Marshal plan):

“That 10,000,000 Jews were killed, tortured, placed in slave labor camps … that all means nothing.” (Congr. Record, Feb. 23, 1948) And he calls Catholic and Lutheran Germany “a spawning ground for lust, for conquest.” In other words, this Morgenthauistic genocidist is not merely a monstrous liar against Nazi Germany but against Christian Germany! And the figure he tries to foist upon the American people is ten million!

Ben Hecht Spews Hatred — And Falsehood

Slicing off a full four million, Ben Hecht, who gloated “My hatred is, Jewish hatred,” and complains that his ancestors, had not hacked Jesus up and fed him to the lions, so that the symbol of the cross could not have been revered, apoplexied over WABC-TV (October 22, 1958):

“… the murder of 6,000,000 men, women, and children of all ages, that murder was performed by the German people, not by the Nazis.”

Notice again, this Jew does not just want to incriminate dead Nazis, but live Christians. The Talmudic savage elaborated:

“… grabbing 2,000,000 women from youth to old age, raping them by the thousands, stripping them of their clothes, putting them into lime kilns, and letting the lime eat them up alive.”

That the Nazis grabbed two million women is a lie, that they raped them is such a shamefaced lie that anyone pronouncing it ought to choke on a wish-bone and die like a rat! The Germans did not rape women, even less than our American troops. It was our lend-lease pals, the Soviet Russians who raped, often ten, twenty times until they were dead, more women than were ever raped in the history of the world. And “putting them in lime kilns” is another fanciful invention and a lie — which not even his fellow revenge hounds repeat.

Shirer Has The Jews “Slaughtered,” but Only Four Million

Now comes the most widely read of the Jewish Germanophobes, William L. Shirer. In his Rise and Fall Of The Third Reich (1245 pages, 1960), he misrepresents the Nazi “Office of Jewish Emigration,” as having become “eventually an agency not of emigration but of extermination.” Then he accuses it of “the slaughter of more than four million persons, mostly Jews” (p.351). Note the discrepancy in relation to Hecht and Sadowski. Where such discrepancies exist, the figure of six million is simply a guess and swindle.

Shirer himself testifies to the discrepancies. At one point he asks himself how many Jews the “final solution” massacred, and replies:

“The figure given in the Nuremberg indictment was 5,700,000, and it tallied with the calculations of the World Jewry Congress. (Gerald) Reitlinger in his prodigious study of The Final Solution (N.Y., 1953) concluded that the figure was somewhat less — between 4,194,000 and 4,481,000.” (Shirer, p.978)

Other Deflation Of The Six Million Myth

My main purpose is not to establish exact statistics, which cannot be done, as Josef Burg explained, before Israel throws open its material, but definitely to explode the six million number. For many, a very convincing testimony for those with leftist leanings comes from the Red German Democratic Report (East Berlin, March 18, 1966):

“… reputable historians in many countries have been unable to agree upon how many millions of Jews were killed by the Nazis. Eichmann gave the figure of six million; more recent research indicates that it may have been nearer five million.”

As we noted above, Eichmann never said six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. Hoess and Hoettl, trying to save their heads by incriminating their superior, claimed to have heard Eichmann casually say something like that, which even then was only five million “enemies of the Reich,” not Jews.

Another significant argument against the inflated six million figure is that the Jewish center, Yad Vashen — The Martyrs Foundation, interested in confirming the six million — confesses that after twenty-seven years of trying, it has been able to document only “2.5 million Nazi victims":

“Twenty-seven years after the end of World War II, the Jews are still counting and identifying their dead from the Nazi holocaust… More than 2.5 million dead have been documented… It will be impossible to reach the six million figure… But, I hope we can get to four million.”

The Sun, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jan. 30, 1973

If in twenty-seven years they could not document six million dead, not even four million, it is simply because there are not that many. Even their 2.5 million figure, if limited to whom the Nazis executed, is a lie and a swindle. How the Talmudists guess and inflate, and respect everything Germanophobic, except the truth! One Walter Abeles (Tampa Tribune, March 27, 1970) asserts that the “Zentrale Suchstelle, in Arosen, Germany, has a list of names, addresses of over 5,000,000 people, all Jewish, killed by the Nazis.” If this Search Central has all that, how come the Yad Vashen does not have it? In short, on the matter of the six million, Jewish sources do their best to confirm Christ's Words, “You are the children of Satan, the father of lies.” The Menorah Journal (Spring, 1946) cynically commented:

“As reported during the war years by Jewish news agencies, the number of Jews killed in Europe totals several million more than the Nazis ever knew existed.”

Lies And Exaggerations About Concentration Camps — Dachau

The anti-German atrocity mongers have had a heyday with German concentration camps. Eisenhower's “Crusaders” captured the first one, Dachau, in April 1945. Eisenhower, in a non-publicized war crime, unceremoniously had the 300 guards shot. The Morgenthauists then built gas ovens to convince tourists that the Germans had “gassed” millions of inmates. In the summer of 1949 I had an interview with a most prominent survivor of Dachau, Coadjutor Bishop Neuhaeusler of Munich. To my shock, he insisted that there had been no gas chambers. The talk of millions he dismissed as a monstrous lie.

Soon the media also felt it had to reduce the millions and settled upon 238,000 “gassed.” What proved to be the truth? Officials records show that of these, 20,600 died, not by gassing, nor hanging, but from natural and other causes! That is how reliable the Jewish-controlled media have been on German concentration camps.

After similar shrinkage of alleged casualties had to be applied to the other concentration camps on German territory, the only ones Westerners could inspect, the Talmudic atrocity mongers zeroed in on Auschwitz. For it, the Soviet Russians prohibited inspection, so that both they and the eye-for-an-eye brood could have a heyday alleging and inflating its casualties. With arrogance and dogmatism that makes the doctrine of Papal Infallibility seem a display of modesty they pontificate in a range of from 2,500,000 to 4,000,000. Naturally with no effort to present evidence. One Benedikt Kautsky with scholarly pretensions claimed that “at least 3,500,000 were gassed at Auschwitz” (Teufel und Verdamnte, Zurich, 1946, p.275). Yet another Jew, Gerald Reitlinger, in his The SS: The Alibi of A Nation (p.268), found “that the total of all internees registered at Auschwitz was only 363,000 and by no means all of these were Jews” (statement in Myth of The Six Million, p.77). The fact that Jewish publicists cannot even approximately agree on figures should convince anyone that they are merely guessing and inventing, and smear-terrorizing. It is probable that the truth about Auschwitz will eventually resemble that of Dachau.

The Truth About Auschwitz Is Beginning To Emerge

But since it is their last concentration camp with which to give the swindle of the six million a semblance of plausibility, the Talmudists cling with a psychopathic frenzy to the bloated statistics of Auschwitz. The latest demonstration of this is furnished by Simon Wiesenthal of Vienna, self-appointed bloodhound for tracking down alleged Nazi war criminals. In March 1973 the Deutsche Buerger Initiative (614 Bensheim, Roonstr. 8, near Frankfurt) published a pamphlet, edited by Attorney Manfred Roeder, entitled, “Die Auschwitz Luege — The Auschwitz Lie” (40 pages). It is an eyewitness account of Thies Christophersen, an attendant in Auschwitz from January 1944 to December 1944 — one year. He insists that there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz and quotes Dr. Benedik Kautsky, referred to above, an internee for three years, as follows:

“I was in the large concentration camps in Germany. But I have to testify in truth to the fact that in no camp did I ever see any gas chambers.”

Christophersen also states and approves the findings of the “Canadian Anti-Defamation Committee of Christian Laymen,” namely, that:

“In the twelve years of Hitler's rule (1933-45) 200,000 Jews died, of any and all causes, through killing, executions of partisans and saboteurs, through bombs that fell on camps, but also through natural causes and aging.”

Personally, the figure of 200,000 casualties of Jews from all causes in the Third Reich seems to me to be about accurate.

How Wiesenthal Forced Bonn To Restrict Roeder's Freedom Of The Press!

Though the pamphlet is a calm factual refutation of the six million figure and of variations from 2,500,000 to 4,000,000 for Auschwitz, it aroused the Talmudists to a rage. Simon Wiesenthal had the impudence to fire off a letter the German Judiciary (Rechtsonwaltskammer), inclosing the Roeder pamphlet, and demanded that West Germany ban the pamphlet as inflammatory and offensive to the six million murdered Jews! That illustrates how Jews fear the truth, how they block honest investigation of the six million swindle, and how they try to destroy freedom of the press whenever its truth offends their interests and prejudices! (See: Wiesenthal's letter, dated May 10, 1973). And of course, harassed and smear-terrorized Bonn immediately knuckled under Wiesenthal's arrogant pressure tactics. But happily, Attorney Manfred Roeder insists on a public trial to test whether, as in our famous Colonial Peter Zenger trial, the government can irresponsibly prohibit the publication of the truth whenever some foreign Jew demands it!

German Historians Regarding the Six Million Statistic

In general, German publicists and researchers have been afraid to come to grips with this problem, justified by innumerable instances of persecutions, illustrated by Wiesenthal's Tactics. Worse still, they are harassed by pro-Jewish governments and denied access to documents. Nevertheless, German scholars are as competent and accurate as any in the world. When any of them touch on this “hot” topic, they first apologetically proclaim that of course killing one Jew is an enormous atrocity (they sound as if killing one Jew is worse than killing three million East Germans, or a hundred thousand Palestinians), that they do not want to minimize the horrible German (collective) guilt, that they only want to re-establish reliable statistics.

Here we want to insert that numbers do matter. When millions are killed one may presume that most of them were innocent. When a few thousand are killed, one can equally presume that they were subversives and partisans. If killing one Jew is as horrendous as killing a million, then the U.S. becomes as guilty as allegedly the Third Reich, for the U.S. executed two Rosenbergs! I have yet to meet a Talmudist who to this day does not consider the two murdered!

What responsible German historians have dared investigate Jewish casualties concluded that the figure of six million is a brazen fabrication. And they tend to place Jewish casualties in the Third Reich, from any and all causes, as at most 1,500,000 and those executed for good or bad reasons at no more than some 200,000.

Some Specific German Findings

In 1966, one Alfred Wiegand implored Bonn to produce reliable statistics. Bonn answered that the lack of documents makes this impossible. It added that the figure of 5,731,000, mentioned at Nuremberg, did not mean Jews killed but Jews missing at that time, that the International Search Service (ITS) in Arolsen/Waldeck, subsidiary of the International Committee of the Red Cross, can establish only 238,000 deaths. Wiegand replied as follows (November 21, 1966):

Apparently the UNO and the Red Cross have some years ago calculated the number of regrettable casualties as between 250,000 and 300,000. The researches of the one-time concentration camp inmate, Dr. Paul Rassinier, calculated the number of Jews killed during World War II, based on American and Israeli immigration figures, “to be one million.” (See: Deutsche National Zeitung, “Six Million und die Wahrheit,” June 14, 1968).

But Bonn is too afraid of the anti-Semitic smear to try to set the record straight! It remembers Dr. Adenauer's describing the frightful danger of incurring Jewish hate! Also, that this hatred got the Son of God crucified!

And so we have only some courageous individual German exposures of the myth. In March 1966, the Anti-Defamation League Bulletin nastily attacked a German paper “…for urging a study of the number of murdered Jews in order that the long-refuted six million figure can be banished.” And Newsweek (February 2, 1959) reports the rage of the Zionists and Reds because a German court claimed incompetence to imprison a German who had denounced the figure of six million “as an immense lie.”

In 1961 the late editor of Nation Europa (Coburg), Artur Ehrhardt, submitted to the German Attorney General, Dietrich Zeug, in Ludwigsburg, his calculation that “as a maximum only one million to a million and a half Jews died during the time of the Third Reich” from any and all causes — plagues, hunger, bombing, in short, through war-induced evils, fewest through executions.” He estimated that “the number of innocent Jews killed as reprisals and otherwise can at most be 350,000” (See: Emil Aretz, Hexen Einmal Eins, einer Luege, Hohewarte, 1973, p.26). For publishing this objective calculation, the Talmudists pressured the German Judiciary to arrest Ehrhardt for spreading defamations against the Jews. Ehrhardt, however, insisted on having his calculations submitted to research. As a result, the action, after a few months, was quietly withdrawn. The highly reliable Deutsche Wochenzeitung (Rosenheim, Oct. 5, 1973) considers Ehrhardt's figures the most reliable so far, and regards the government's withdrawal of its suit as tacit confirmation. And so do I, the author of this pamphlet.

Other German Findings

In “The Lie Of The Six Million,” the important independent Deutsche National Zeitung (Munich, Jan. 21, 1966) asks plausibly, if six million Jews were murdered, how come that up to June 30, 1965, a total of 3,374,500 were very much alive and demanded indemnities from Bonn for alleged harm suffered from the Third Reich? It also asks, where, if the Nazis killed six million, all the millions of Jews who after the war emigrated from Europe to Israel, and to America, had come from? The number of surviving Jews, over three million, registered for reparations is one of the most incontrovertible evidences that six million were not executed.

An important German post-war historian, the late Dr. Peter Kleist, intelligence officer during the war for Eastern Affairs, wrote:

“The sober figures indicate, that the mass killing could only have included tens of thousands, at most a hundred thousand of Jews. Statistics of millions… belong in the realm of legend and propaganda.”

See: Emil Aretz, p. 392

Author Emil Aretz (p. 36) concludes that if the number should really be as high as 300,000, which he seriously doubts, it would be unbearably criminal and tragic enough, without an inflation to six million. That is how most Germans feel.

Another top German historian, Erich Kern, an S.S. officer on the Eastern Front (one of his several books, Der Grosse Rausch, 1948, was published by Scribners as Dance of Death, 1951, 256 pages) in his article, “Internationales Rote Kreuz weigert sich Zahlen zu nennen — Red Cross refuses to give figures” (Deutsche Wochenzeitung, Jan. 13, 1967) wrote:

“Impossibly more than 1,500,000 Jews could have died under German occupation — through pogroms by the East Europeans, in partisan warfare, through plagues, hunger, and cold — and also in part through criminal policies… The number of these especially regrettable casualties can at most be estimated at 350,000.”

In short, German investigators find that, not six million, but absolutely fewer than half a million Jews died of any Nazi action. One can confidently assert that more civilian men, women, and children were killed in a few hours in the criminal area bombing of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki than Jews died of Nazi policies.

Why The Six Million Myth Must Be Exploded

The swindle of the six million must be exposed and exploded, not only because it is used to blackmail astronomical indemnities out of the Christian Germans, but because the Talmudists and Communists also use it to defame all German Christians, the Vatican, Christians generally and even Christian America. They use this swindle to make all Christianity feel guilty. Globe Magazine (May 27, 1967) carried an article “Beyond The Deputy's Silence,” which begins, “You don't have to be a Christian to shove Jews into the gas chambers but it helps.”

The Article continues:

“How could Christian Germany — and Christian civilization, one billion strong — have allowed the horrors to go on, year after year for 12 years, until for 6 million Jews it was too late?”

It goes on that Pope Pius was “leading the greatest of Christian churches, while Catholics, not the Nazis, were murdering 6 million Jews.” Note, we Christians, not Nazis are blamed! Another quotation:

“And thus 6 million Jews were slaughtered in cold blood during the peak of Christian civilization, by baptized Christians, in a Christian country full of ancient churches and cathedrals — and the slaughter was tolerated by a world imbued with 2,000 years of the Christian ethic.”

Trying to impute the fraudulent six million casualty, not so much to National Socialism, but to Christianity, is a constant, if often disguised ploy of the Talmudists. The reason is twofold: first, Jews hate Christianity because of its testimony to Christ; secondly, they cannot squeeze reparations out of dead Nazis but they can out of live Christians, if they inject them sufficiently with guilt feelings.

U.S. Guilt Feeling Supplied Israel With Arms Without a Quid pro Quo

A secret, unacknowledged guilt feeling caused our government to supply Israel in the Arab-Israel War of 1973 with arms to slaughter Arabs without the quid pro quo of first requiring Israel to return to the 1967 boundaries, and so plunged us and Europe and Japan into a fuel crisis. Our arms delivery was a crime and really an act of aggression against the Arabs — due entirely to Jewish pressure. The talk about Israel being an important bastion of U.S. security is hogwash and hypocrisy. Israel is a millstone about America's neck and we and Germany are its feed-trough.

And if any politician questions our one-sided military support of Israel, a dozen Talmudic media scream, “What about the six million Jews gassed? Would you rather have Arab oil than dishonor their memory!” Whereupon our politicians knuckle under and jump in to slaughter Arabs who rightfully want their land back.

No, the figure of six million is a brazen swindle. It must be refuted, exposed, and abhorred — not only for the good of the Germans, but for the good of all of us, even for the vindictive Jews. A lie and a swindle in the long run hurt everybody!