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POWER & PROPAGANDA in American Politics & Foreign Affairs

The following speech was given by Dr. Austin App on April 29, 1978 in the Sheraton Patriot Inn in Williamsburg, Va.

I want to thank the chairman for his gracious introduction. I want to thank the Congress of German-American Clubs and especially Dr. Trutz Foelsche for sponsoring my talk this evening here in historic Williamsburg on the general topic of Power and Propaganda in American Politics and Foreign Affairs. It is in any case an honor and a satisfaction in this beautiful Sheraton Patriot Inn to be able to address a distinguished audience of the Old South.

Williamsburg and the towns in its area are really an appropriate setting for my talk on some of the blunders of U.S. foreign policy, how they were caused by propaganda, and how some of this propaganda and the resultant policies still continue. Williamsburg and the South can appreciate what it is like to lose a war, to suffer a March through Georgia, and a Reconstruction by the victors after surrender.

The Parallel Between the Defeated South and the Defeated Germans

Many Americans from the North-East and Mid- and Far-West cannot easily realize and are reluctant to believe that the foreign policy hatched in New York and Washington could ever have been dishonest and wrong in and after the two world wars — and that some of this still needs correcting. But I have happily found ever since I started in 1945 denouncing the Morgenthau Plan and Unconditional Surrender, when I was teaching in Texas, that Southerners could understand.

In a Commencement Address at St. Mary’s University, May 29, 1945, in San Antonio, I said:

“I envy you graduates … you need not accept responsibility … a Europe that was supposed to have been made free for democracy has been turned into the greatest rubble-heap in history and brooding over it all are the spectre of communism and the fear and symptoms of another unjust peace, another caveman peace that degenerated from the Atlantic Charter to the shame of slave labor, dismembered provinces, deported populations and the barbaric consolation of mass war criminal executions.”

See A.J. App, History’s Most Terrifying Peace, pp.1-2

I continued:

“If we reconstruct Europe and Asia the way the North reconstructed the South — the next few generations will be ruined. In 1865 Lincoln’s malice-toward-none-charity-for-all plan was sabotaged for one of hate and vengeance by men whose plan for dealing with the beaten South was to crush it so that it would never rise again.”

Edwin Muller, “They Called It Reconstruction,” Readers Digest, Oct. 1941, p. 121

Let me ask you, does this not echo the Morgenthau Plan applied to the German people in 1945? Men like Thaddeus Stevens said of the defeated Southerners, "Humble the proud traitors, strip them of their bloated estates … desolate the section … reduce them to hopeless feebleness,” Is this not similar to the Morgenthau Plan Roosevelt and Churchill and Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White made official policy for Germany, namely, to dismantle all its factories, to divide and shrink its territory, and to convert this into a potato patch!

Atrocity Stories Vitiated the Peace — with the South, and with Germany

I continued my Commencement Address as follows:

“They advanced their vengeance reconstruction on a wave of atrocity stories — a freedman had been burned to death, Choctaw County stunk with the dead bodies of ‘murdered’ slaves, yes, the rumor even circulated that Southern Belles had ‘worn necklaces strung of Yankee eyeballs.’”

See James Morgen Read, Atrocity Propaganda, 1918-19, Yale Press, 1941, p. 31

What this should suggest to all of us is that if the victorious North could spread such vicious and false atrocity stories against the South, people of their own language and race and religion, is it not probable that the victors of World War II, victors allied to and infiltrated by Communists and non-Christians, would invent even worse atrocity stories against the defeated Germans, who are different in language? Recalling atrocious lies against the defeated South, should we not consider it probable that such atrocity horrors as the recent 9-hour NBC-TV, “Holocaust,” sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, is also a compound of vindictive propaganda?

James Morgan Read, in his Atrocity Propaganda (p.125), wrote that after victory Northern carpet baggers rushed south to “re-educate” the South forcibly. There was an influx of Yankee school teachers, burning to show the South the error of its ways. They taught that Gen. Robert E. Lee was a perjured traitor, that Sherman’s march to the sea was a “glorious crusade.”

Perhaps that is where Eisenhower got the idea of calling his invasion of Germany Crusade in Europe! If Washington and New York could so "re-educate” the South, our own racial and religious brethren, is it not probable that after Unconditional Surrender hordes of U.S. Liberals and vindictive emigres who between 1933 and 1941 had left Germany — men like Kempner, Kissinger, Thon, Perl, Ellowitz, Kirschbaum, Rosenfeld, decended like locusts upon the defeated Germans to “re-educate” them in the Gospel of Karl Marx!

Over the years, since 1945, I have found that Southerners can understand more sympathetically than New Yorkers that if the South could have been traduced and victimized by propaganda and by injuries, then it is only likely that the defeated Germans could have been more so.

Wilson and Roosevelt Wanted War, Not the American People

Here are some salient features of U.S. foreign policy in the decades of the world wars. Most important is that the American people did not want to get into those wars. Wilson got re-elected in the slogan, “He kept us out of war,” and Roosevelt pledged solemnly that our boys will never fight on a foreign soil. All the while both Wilson and Roosevelt were applying their whole power and propaganda to trick the American people into the wars, and they denounced congressmen who urged neutrality as “isolationists” and “copperheads.” Wilson by running on the slogan, “He kept us out of war,” got re-elected. Then he used the torpedoing of the Lusithania and claiming the sinking of the Sussex as a pretext to get into the war anyhow. Now we know that the Lusithania was what the Germans said it was, an armed auxiliary cruiser, and the Sussex was not sunk at all. And in any case both were British, not American ships. It was Wilson who said, “a war to end all war,” and “to make the world safe for democracy.” Then the Allies flooded America with phony atrocity stories, as that the German “Huns” hacked the hands off Belgian babies. All Americans believed this — a totally unfounded lie — just as most of them believe the story of the “Holocaust” now.

By means of such atrocity lies, Wilson’s principle of self-determination was used to destroy Austria-Hungary. It was applied only where it could be perverted to take territory from the German people, never where it would give any to Austria and Germany.

World War II Resulted from Unjust Peace in 1919

The victors refused to give Austria and the Sudetenland a plebiscite, and tore the Danzigers and a corridor away from Germany. These were Allied atrocities, which made a hypocrite out of Wilson. What Hitler did was to correct these injustices of Versailles. When he got to the last important one, the wont one, Danzig and the Corridor, England and France declared war on the Third Reich — and World War II had begun. Here is what Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy said to James Forrestal,

“Neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a cause of war if it had not been for the constant needling from Washington … Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into war.”

Diaries, Dec. 27, 1945

In the second world war the American people again wanted to remain neutral. Roosevelt won an election by pledging over and over again to the mothers of America that their sons would this time not be sent to fight on foreign soil. But once elected he gave England fifty destroyers, he initiated lend-lease, he convoyed British ships, and fired on German submarines. To all these violations of neutrality, Hitler turned the other cheek. Finally in desperation Roosevelt provoked the Japanese to attack at Pearl Harbor. Historian Charles Transill called it Roosevelt’s “Back Door to War.” The purpose was again to end all war and to make the world safe for democracy — this time with atheistic Stalin and Soviet Russia as a partner! To make the assault on Germany look like a crusade, Roosevelt and Churchill on August 14, 1941, proclaimed the Atlantic Charter, in imitation of Wilson’s Fourteen Points: all people could choose their own government (shouldn’t that have meant that if the German people wanted national socialism they had a right to it?), and “no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned.”

Roosevelt’s Unconditional Surrender Meant Rape and Ruin

Then at Casablanca, in 1943, Roosevelt proclaimed Unconditional Surrender. This means that the winner will massacre the loser until the latter resigns all rights, all those guaranteed in the Atlantic Charter, and even the right to protect wives against rape. The Soviet Russians knew what it meant, and raped a million German, Austrian, and Hungarian women in the worst mass atrocity of this type in European history. Cornelius Ryan, in his The Last Battle reported for Berlin alone between 20,000 and 100,000 women raped — often many times. A married cousin of mine was one of them. Solzhenitsyn wrote somewhere that the Reds on entering Germany took the right to rape for granted.

Anyhow, the policy of Unconditional Surrender ruined every chance of a just peace or of making the world safe for democracy. And Roosevelt knew it. On September 2, 1941 he confided to Cardinal Spellman that after Unconditional Surrender, China was to get the Far East, the U.S. the Pacific, Britain rule her colonies, and “Russia will predominate in Europe.” “The European people,” he said callously, “will simply have to endure Russian domination, in the hope that in ten or twenty years they will be able to live well with the Russians.” (See Robert I. Gannon, The Cardinal Spellman Story, 1962, p.222)

Unconditional Surrender made it impossible to induce the Red rapists by the threat of a negotiated peace to stay out of Christian Central Europe. Consequently, “the war to make the world safe for democracy” delivered seven satellites, with a territory of 393,000 square miles and 102 million once proud and free Christian people into Soviet Russian colonialism and persecution. And it confirmed the Soviet Russians as allies, with not even so much as a protest, in its colonialism over 2,053,781 square miles of non-Russian territory within the USSR and its enslavement of 125 million non-Russian people.

Self-Determination Perverted into the Holocaust of Mass Expulsions and Murder

The self-determination Washington pledged the world was thus transformed into Bolshevik tyranny over the Baltic and the Balkan nations. But in Germany self-determination was perverted into the most genocidic treatment of conquered people in Europe’s history. The victors of World War I had learned that robbing territories, like the Sudenland and the Corridor and Danzig, while its inhabitants remain there only leads to an eventual upraising for freedom. Therefore their satanic minds conceived of what was unthinkable in European history before. The Soviet-Russian victors, and the Poles and the Czechs, with secret American and British connivance, simply drove fifteen million East- and Sudeten Germans from their homes and farms, totally robbed them, shot anyone who resisted, and did to death three million German men, women, and children during the expulsion. This is the real, the true holocaust of the war. Even Time Magazine, on October 2, 1945, describes the mass expulsion of “at least nine million Germans from East Prussia, Danzig, Silesia, Polmerania and the Sudetenland,” and comments, “It is a tale of horror, old men starving on the roads, young girls raped in boxcars.”

Twelve million surviving Germans, driven from their 700-year-old homelands have not yet got their homes back, have not got a cent of compensation for their property, but have been paying taxes so that West Germany could pay twenty billion dollars reparations to Israel and to Jews who had suffered much less than these Christian German expellees.

The genocide committed against the fifteen million East- and Balkan Germans is the worst on record: Anne O’Hare McCormick of the New York Times called it “a crime against humanity for which history will exact a terrible retribution … Without precedent in history” (Oct 23, 1946); Senator William Langer, of North Dakota, said, “nowhere in recorded history has such a grim chapter of brutality been written;” the Catholic bishops, November, 1946, called the driving from their homes of these people “new in the annals of recorded history.” Cardinal A.J. Muench, North Dakota, wrote, “never has anything so tragic happened on so colossal a scale as in these forced migrations;” and the Catholic Our Sunday Visitor denounced “the diabolical measure of compulsory deportation from ancient ancestral homesteads under conditions of misery and suffering … without example in history.”

The Holocaust of the East Germans Given Silent Treatment

Yet whereas Americans are harassed day and night with outpourings on alleged extermination of Jews, they have endured a calculated cover-up on the mass atrocity against the East Germans. In 1947 an excellent short book on it was published, Ralph Frank Keeling’s Gruesome Harvest (Boniface Press, 8207 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. 20012) but it was smothered by silence. Otherwise, it was not until a year ago that a fine, hard cover book faintly exposed the horror of the expulsions and U.S. and British complicity with them. A young American attorney, Alfred M. de Zayas, wrote Nemesis at Potsdam: The Anglo-Americans and the Expulsions of the Germans. It was published not by an American publisher but by a recognized but small British publisher, Routledge & Keegan Paul (London and Boston, 1977, 268 pages, with 67 splendid illustrations.) Even if the much publicized Jewish “Holocaust” were a fact, not a hoax, the media would have the responsibility to give at least equal time to the horrendous expulsion of fifteen million Germans and the murder of three million of them, mostly women and children.

American Propaganda Unfair for Decades

American propaganda has for years been prejudiced, in fact it has been slyly anti-Christian and pro-communistic, openly pro-Zionistic and anti-German. That is why our foreign policy keeps selling America and Western Europe short. General Douglas McArthur in 1952 said, “Foreign policy has been as tragically in error as has domestic policy. We practically invited Soviet dominion over the free peoples of Eastern Europe … permitting them … to plant the red flag of Communism on the ramparts of Berlin, Vienna and Prague, the capitals of Western civilization.” (See U.S. News, July 18, 1952)

Vienna now is free again, but in its place the red flag flies over Budapest.

The late Herbert Hoover said, “The souls of one quarter of mankind have been seared by the violation of that American promise. The ghosts of the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter now wander amid the clanking chains of a thousand slave camps.” (U.S. News, July 18, 1952)

In the Washington Star, (March 17, 1978) Harold M. Forkois, in "Panama and other U.S. mistakes,” said that “U.S.A. foreign policy … has been significantly disastrous for the inhabitants of the U.S.A. and most of the rest of the world.”

As for the Wilson-Roosevelt promise of “war to end all war,” since Unconditional Surrender there has been a war almost every year, and America has had the costly and bloody wars in Korea and in Vietnam. Even Eisenhower, after Germany had been bombed into rubble, said on August 24, 1952, that America had been brought “in greater peril than at any time in our history.”

Pro-Red Wing in Washington Delivered Central Europe to the Reds

There is good reason why America after it had savagely Morgenthauized Germany, should feel itself more endangered than ever before. Pennsylvania Congressman Daniel J. Flood said in Congress:

“The historic functions of Germany and Japan have been to serve as dikes against Russian Expansion in Europe and in the Far East, respectively. World War II destroyed those two great bastions … the donation of ten formerly independent nations, through secret agreements by pro-Red forces in Washington, assured Soviet domination in East Europe.”

The key word here is that Soviet domination of Europe (and most of Asia) was abetted, if not encouraged by “pro-Red forces” in Washington. These pro-Red forces in Washington gave the territory between West Berlin and West Germany to Soviet Russia. When in 1948 Moscow blockaded West Berlin, and our military, like the late General Lucius Clay, advised sending our tanks ahead on the highway, Washington vetoed it and resorted to an expensive airlift. This was at a time when Moscow had no atom bomb. When the people of East Berlin revolted in 1953, and the Hungarians in 1956, the pro-Red forces in Washington did not give any moral support to the freedom-fighters. Pro-Red forces in Washington tipped Moscow off it was free to build the Berlin Wall, to complement the Iron Curtain through all of Germany, Washington had previously accepted without a protest. While Washington was eager to go to war with Germany for placing its Protectorate over Czecho-Slovakia, when in 1968 the Czechs tried to throw off the shackles Of Moscow’s tyranny, Washington seemed almost to welcome the brute force of the Reds.

U.S. Pro-Red Forces Continue Appeasing Soviet Russia

The fact is ever since the days of Roosevelt, the pro-Red forces in Washington, of whom Congressman Flood spoke, have continued to appease Soviet Russia, and along with the media thrown a benign cover-up over Soviet Russian crimes against humanity — in so far as it did not affect the emigration of Jews from Russia — and encouraged a continued harping on alleged German atrocities in World War II. In all the Washington agitation for human rights, not once has the inhumanity of dividing defeated Germany with an Iron Curtain, and Berlin with a wall, been condemned, not once has there been human rights propaganda for the Germans who were shot down when at the Wall or the Iron Curtain they tried to cross from one part of Germany to the other. This is by far the worst violation of human rights in our time, yet it is the one over which a pro-Red cover-up is maintained. What we do get is a nine-hour television film on what is called the “Holocaust,” about an imaginary Jewish family and about the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

The fact is that with the possible exception of John Foster Dulles, all our Secretaries of State and the State Department have agitated, not to liberate Eastern Germany and the other captive nations but to consolidate Moscow’s tyranny over them. In 1965, Henry Kissinger in his book, The Troubled Partnership, presumed to tell Bonn to relinquish all claim to one-fourth of East Germany, the Oder-Neisse territories from which the twelve million Germans were expelled and partly murdered, and should give title to Russia and Poland. A few years later, when Germany’s wartime traitor, Willi Brandt, became Chancellor he did just that, with the help of the similar traitor, Herbert Wehner, and got the Nobel Prize for it!

Walt Whitman Rostow sent a policy paper to President Kennedy, that the U.S. should not support “uprisings in the Eastern European satellites. If revolts break out in East Germany, Poland or other satellites we should maintain a hands-off posture and urge our allies to do the same.” (See Herold of Freedom, Nov. 3, 1967.) On October 6, 1966, President Johnson made this betrayal of the Captive Nations official policy, saying, "Our purpose is not to overthrow other governments.” Then President Gerald Ford, after he had visited Auschwitz and Warsaw, during an interview insisted that Poland, and the other captive Nations, were not captive at all, that they had the democracy we promised in our world wars. For him, steeped in the Washington’s pro-Red propaganda, the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain did not exist.

State Officials Call Red Empire a Good Thing

It all echoed official pro-Red Washington policy. In 1963, the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency gave its official blessing on the Moscow tyranny over one-third of the world. Its document declared:

“Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, we benefit enormously from the capability of the Soviet System to keep law and order over the 200-odd million people in the USSR and the many additional millions in the satellite states.

“The breakup of the Russian Communist empire today would doubtless be conducive to freedom, but would be a good deal more catastrophic for world order than was the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918.”

see Dobriansky, op. cit., p. 252

First, let us remind ourselves that the Wilsonian policy in World War I totally destroyed the Christian Austro-Hungarian empire (which needed no Iron Curtains to keep its citizens from voting with their feet.) Secondly, can you imagine the same U.S. Arms Control Agency proclaiming in 1940 that it would benefit law and order in the world a lot if Hitler would consolidate his control over Europe?

That the State Department continues to connive with Moscow’s tyranny over the Captive Nations and to implement Roosevelt’s comment to Cardinal Spellman that Christian Europe with America’s blessing had to get used to living under Soviet Russia’s control, was shockingly made clear in 1975 by the Sonnenfeldt Doctrine. In December 1975, Kissinger convoked a conference of U.S. Ambassadors in Europe, at which his First Counsellor, Helmut Sonnefeldt as chief speaker said,

“An intervention of the United States in Eastem Europe … is inconceivable. The best American strategy would be to help Soviet Russia consolidate its influence in that zone.”

See Christian Science Monitor, April 7, 1976.

Here is stark proof that, as the Monitor comments, for the public the State Department professes “to favor the liberation of the satellite peoples,” but its “operating policy is” not to “destabilize the existing condition,” that means, that it connives in the tyranny over the Captive Nations.

Pro-Reds All Set to Sacrifice Another Third of Germany

In 1977 columnists Evans and Novak uncovered how the Sonnenfeldt Doctrine translates into a policy of retreat before Soviet Russia. They exposed a Presidential Review Memorandum to the effect that Zbiegniew Brezinski, and Chief Disarmament Negotiator Paul Warnke, and even Vice-President Mondale were planning, if Soviet tanks should invade West Germany, not to resist them, but to retreat to the West behind Munich and Hamburg, so that the half that is now left of Germany would be amputated by another third. This immediately named “Carter Line,” along the Weser and Lech rivers, would almost make a reality of the old Morgenthau Plan, namely, the blotting out of all of Germany and the proximate delivery of the rest of Christian Europe to the atheistic brutes of Moscow.

Clearly a wing of Washington and almost all of our media continue to appease Bolshevism and Soviet Russia and to indulge in Germanophobia. They glory in such propaganda as the recent 9-hour TV “Holocaust.” Yet this Anti-Germanism is in reality building up Soviet-Russia. Dr Harry Elmer Barnes wrote, “Germanophobia is once more becoming the ‘transmission belt’ for Soviet propaganda in this country.” (Blasting the Historical Blackout, p.42)

Dr. Barnes Put Third Reich and Soviet Atrocities in Perspective

Dr. Barnes also wrote:

“Hitler’s evil deeds have been told and retold” yet “the monstrous and nefarious doings of Stalin … far exceeded those of Hitler” (Blasting the Historical Blackout, p. 35). Barnes also indicates the one reason why the monstrous atrocities committed by the Soviet Russians are covered up but the alleged atrocities of the Germans are blown up and harped on day and night. Barnes wrote:

“In short, there is no unique or special case against Nazi Barbarism and horrors unless one assumes that it is far more wicked to exterminate Jews than to massacre Gentiles.”

p. 35

He explains:

“There is little in the history of mankind more horrible than the sufferings of the Germans expelled from their eastern provinces, the Sudeten area, and other regions, some four to six million perishing from the butchery, starvation, exposure, and disease in the process.”

p. 33

Yet it is probable that many of you in this worthy and well-read audience have not once heard of the expulsion of these millions of Germans and the murder of millions of them! There has been no TV “Holocaust” for them, not even thirty years after the war.

Barnes continued more pointedly:

“Their sufferings were obviously far more hideous and prolonged than those of the Jews said to have been exterminated in great numbers by the Nazis … if there was to be an Eichmann Trial there should surely have been a Morgenthau Trial.”

p. 33

Dr Barnes writes of, “No greater paradox in history than a war in behalf of Poland on the basis of the Jewish issue. There were in Poland, in 1933, six times as many Jews as in Germany, and they were surely treated as badly as were the German Jews under Hitler.” (p. 35)

What Ruined the Peace Was the Atrocity Propaganda Regarding Jews

There can be no doubt that what converted the World War II “crusade” for the Atlantic Charter into “history’s most terrifying peace,” the surrender of half of Europe to Soviet Russia, the rape of a million German women, the division of Germany, the Berlin Wall, and the Iron Curtain was what Barnes diagnosed as Hitler’s “treatment of German Jews.” It precipitated a frenzied vendetta of vengeance at any price, a continuing Germanophobic propaganda, even if in the process it delivered Christian Europe to the barbarians and atheists of the Kremlin — and endangered the United States so as to force us to spend more on armaments in one year than we needed to spend in peacetime, while Hitler was ‘dictator’.

Propaganda Perverted “Final Solution” Resettlement — Into Extermination

The gist of the propaganda against the Third Reich is that it planned to exterminate all Jews in its power, that it did in fact do so, in a “Final Solution,” to the tune of gassing six million of them. This is the propaganda promulgated by the NBC TV “Holocaust,” which is being introduced even into our schools, not only public, but even private, and with which Americans are deluged in all the media. It is also the road-block to any proposals for a fair treatment of the Palestinians and much more so for a just treatment of the German people, when anyone advocates the reunification and a restoration of Atlantic Charter boundaries for Germany, the proposal is likely to be greeted angrily by someone in the back of the room, with the shriek, “What about the six million whom Hitler gassed?” Even Attorney Alfred de Zaya, the author of the best book so far on the expulsion, Nemesis at Potsdam, told me that to get the book published he had to give lip service to the six million legend.

For that reason we have to come to grips with this touchy problem. We must objectively investigate what of this allegation is fact, and what is propaganda, what is atrocity propaganda, customary in a war, as the Southerners in this country learned in the Civil War.

Some of you may have puzzled why in the last few months there has been such a rash of propaganda foisting the alleged “Holocaust” and the six million legend on the defenseless American public. The reason seems to be that a few scholars have in the last year or two developed enough courage to question the theory of the extermination of Jews by the Third Reich; they question the figure of six million; they find no evidence of gas chambers, none that the concentration camps were death camps rather than work camps, and they find no Third Reich orders to execute Jews merely because they were Jews, as against executing them for being partisans or as reprisals for assassinations and sabotage.

Prof. Butz Found This Propaganda to be “The Hoax of the 20th Century"

The blockbuster that most shattered the old myth of the extermination and of the six million was The Hoax of the 20th Century. The blackout of which Prof. Barnes wrote caused it to be published in England by Historical Review Press. It is of course shocking that with all the ballyhoo about freedom of speech for every hoodlum and freedom of the press for every Communist, there is no real freedom of publication for any honest analysis of the story of the six million. What terrorized the many with a vested interest in the figure most was that the author was a respectable University Professor, Dr. Arthur R. Butz, from the prestigious Northwestern University of Evanston, Illinois.

After several years of research and 239 pages, Professor Butz comes to this shattering conclusion:

“The Jews of Europe were not exterminated and there was no German attempt to exterminate them. The Germans resettled a certain number and these people were ultimately resettled again in accordance with Allied programs … The Jews of Europe suffered during the war by being deported to the East, by having much of their property confiscated and, more importantly, by suffering cruelly in the circumstances surrounding Germany’s defeat.

“They may have lost a million dead. Everybody in Europe suffered during the war, especially the people of central and eastern Europe. The people who suffered most were the losers, the Germans (and Austrians), who lost 10 million dead due to military casualties, Allied bombings, the Russian terror at the end of the war, Russian expulsions from their homelands, under the most brutal conditions, and the vengeful occupation policies of 1945-1948.”

Scholars Calling “The Holocaust” A Hoax Creates Frenzy

The New York Times of April 22, 1978, reported that litigation and “The Hoax of the 20th Century, book by A.R. Butz that denied that there was a Holocaust, have spurred local efforts to broaden the teaching about it, according to … The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith here” (Chicago).

The fact that Dr Butz and other scholars are beginning to puncture the myth of the six millon has driven the Anti-Defamation Leaguers into fever of propaganda to brainwash the pupils of our schools with the lie of the six million before the truth wins out. According to the New York Times ("Interest in Holocaust Study Rising,” April 22, 1978) the Anti-Defamation League has started within the year pilot programs “in at least 50 school districts around the country,” and in addition distributed pretty close to 10 million copies of a 16-page A.D.L. publication on the Holocaust called ‘The Record.’ Furthermore, the whole country was exposed to the NBC TV "Holocaust.”

Obviously the most massive propaganda effort is being mobilized to brainwash the American public, and to impregnate even our school children, with what Professor Butz called “The Hoax of the 20th Century.”

And it is a hoax! That the Third Reich had a plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe and that it massacred six million of them is a falsehood: it is in fact the most unfounded and most impudent lie in recorded history.

More Scholars Keep Exploding the Myth of the Six Million

More and more scholars are confirming Dr Butz’ Hoax of the 20th Century. In 1964 Prof. Paul Rassinier made a beginning when in his The Drama of the European Jews, he showed that 4,416,108 European Jews that emigrated early enough to escape arrest and concentration camps, and concludes that the “actual casualty figure from all causes in the Jewish population is closer to 500,000.” (p.17, Foreword, Michael Hardesty). Professor Rassinier had been a French Resistance Fighter, was for this reason put in a German concentration camp; he also could testify from experience that the German concentration camps were work camps, not death camps. Other witnesses who talk not only from hearsay but as eyewitnesses confirm Paul Rassinier.

Thies Christophersen, who during 1944 was a plant grower (Pflanzenzuechter) at Auschwitz, in Auschwitz: Truth or Lie?, found no gassings there, no killings, but a lot of hard work, and some deaths from typhus. Another eyewitness of Auschwitz was Judge Dr. Wilhelm Staeglich, now in Hamburg, who visited the camp “… three of four times. On none of my visits did I see gassing installations, crematoria, torture instruments, or other such horrid things … On none of my visits would I see that prisoners were badly, let alone inhumanely treated.”

Last year I had a chance to discuss all this with Judge Staeglich personally.

Jewish Writer, Burg, Calls Israel Afraid to Permit Research on the "Holocaust"

A writer who for many people might be most convincing is another survivor of a German concentration camp, a Jew, Josef Burg (Ginsburg), whom I also had the honor of interviewing in Munich. He is the author of such honest books as Schuld and Schicksal, 1962, Suendenboecke, 1967, and N.S. Vebrechen: Prozesse, 1968. He flatly found that those “were killed, lost their lives, or died could be no more than 3,323,000” (Suendenboecke, p.237). Be it noted this is the maximum possible number of deaths from all causes, not from “holocausts.” Josef Burg writes, “Today nobody believes any longer the six million figure.” Yet this is the figure that the “holocaust” promoters want to force upon our school children — and on the American TV viewers!

Josef Burg also indirectly gives one of the best proofs that the figure is a deliberate fabrication. He says the true figure will not be known "until world Jewry and Zionism will be … willing to present to the public exact official statistics of losses” (Op.cit., p.238).

If Zionism is not willing to open its archives on the “holocaust,” it can only be because of fear that these researches would show that the six million figure is false and Dr. Butz and Dr. Rassinier and Burg would be proven right. For me this is one of the best proofs that the “holocaust” and the six million are swindles.

Historian David Irving Thinks Hitler Knew Nothing of Any Extermination

The scholar who most recently delivered a body-blow to the six million legend is top-ranking British historian, David Irving. In his Hitler’s War (Viking Press, 1977) he comes to the startling conclusion that Hitler did not order any extermination, that did not even know of any extermination of Jews. Irving writes categorically, “… the incontrovertiWe evidence is that Hitler ordered on November 30, 1941, that there was to be no ‘liquidation’ of Jews” (p.xiv). He further states that in October 1943, “Hitler was still forbidding liquidation.”

The very contradictions surrounding the figure of six millions make it wrong to teach it as a fact to our pupils. Whereas, for example the top-ranking British historian, David Irving, insists Hitler knew nothing of any extermination and blames Himmler for whatever may have occurred; a top-ranking American Jewish historian, John Toland, in his best-seller, Adolf Hitler, in contradiction puts all the blame on Hitler. He ridiculously has Hitler congratulating Himmler for allegedly reporting that six million Jews have been exterminated. The date he gives is October, 1943. Obviously this is a fraud, for if six million had been killed by 1943, were no more, or were some more millions killed between 1943 and Surrender? The “Holocaust” makes perjurers out of most historians, journalists, and Rabbis.

The horrendous contradictions, even among scholars, and even among Jews, regarding the Alleged “holocaust,” simply indicate an absence of facts, a lack of truth, and a reliance on speculations, propaganda, and what Dr. Butz called “a pack of lies.

The sobering and shocking truth is that, just as the propagand in World War I that the Germans hacked off the hands of Belgian babies was believed by almost every one, and in the Civil War the propaganda that Southern Belles wore necklaces strung of Yankee eyeballs, so the propaganda of the last thirty years that the Germans exterminated the Jews, six million of them, in a flaming “holocaust,” is atrocity propaganda, and nothing else.

A Summary of Third Reich Treatment of Jews

The Third Reich had no plan to exterminate the Jews. No order of extermination has ever been found anywhere. The Third Reich openly admitted that it wanted to resettle its Jews elsewhere, preferably in Madagascar, that failing, in Poland. It also openly admitted that it put most Jews as aliens and potential enemies in concentration camps, exactly as Roosevelt put the West Coast Issei and Nisei in concentration camps. Interning aliens during a war is standard practice; un-naturalized German-Americans were interned in both world wars.

The German concentration camps were interment and work camps, never, absolutely never, death camps. Inmates were not tortured, nor starved, nor were they “gassed” to death. Sometime ago it was found that concentration camps in German territory had no gas installations.

Now it is being found that the camps on Polish territory — like Auschwitz — had no gas installations. Many inmates died of natural causes, mostly in the East of typhus. For the bodies there were crematoria. Most Jewish casualties came from partisan activities and reprisals. Partisans assassinated a half million German soldiers. Partisans, many of whom were Jews, were not protected by international law and the Germans shot them when they caught them, just as the Americans and the British did.

No Jews Killed Only for Being Jews; Perhaps 300,000 Being Partisans and Spies

My own considered estimate of Jewish casualties under the rule of the Third Reich is 300,000. As Josef Burg writes, until Israel encourages research, the exact figures cannot be known. But in any case, it is up to the promoters of the six million figure to give proofs for its validity. They have not done so. So far there is not any evidence whatsoever that millions of Jews died in any holocaust. It is also manifestly a defamation to accuse the Third Reich of a plan to exterminate all Jews. If it had had such a plan, it had five years to exterminate all of them. But it did not do so, for at least a half million concentration camp survivors live in Israel; many in New York. The father of Anne Frank got out alive from Auschwitz; Simon Wiesenthal also came out of a German concentration camp alive, and well [and we might add, is now collecting indemnity payments from the German government for allegedly having lost a toe in the concentration camp!] So did Josef Burg, whom I quoted. These men would have been “gassed,” if the Germans had planned to exterminate all Jews.

Every Jewish survivor is just another proof that the Third Reich had not planned to execute its Jews. It is almost funny to keep hearing some “survivor” lament that his whole family, at least ten, were gassed in a German concentration camp, but somehow he escaped! That he escaped may be true, that his relatives were massacred is a lie! And every one who claims “gassed” relatives should specify names and date! The proof is on those who claim the casualties, it is not for the German people or for American school children to disprove the lie of the holocaust.

It is enough for us to insist that so far there is no proof whatever that the Third Reich exterminated or tried to exterminate the Jews. Such claims of a “holocaust” should be rejected as fabrications that are calculated to blackmail more reparations out of the German people, and is in fact constituting a sneak attack on Christianity. They also act as a transmission belt for Communism, and worst of all, poison foreign relations with lies and hate for the benefit of Israel.